6 Common Reactions Of A 9 AM To 6 PM Employee

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3:00 pm 14 Apr, 2014


Are you the one who slogs in office chair for hours? You would best understand these thoughts that are most likely to cross your mind every now and then.

6. Oh no! It’s Monday again!

A long week lies in front, targets to be met, meetings to be attended, and presentations to be made. It’s no less than a war


 5. Yipee! Boss is on holiday today.


This unfathomable joy would make anyone jump and attempt the gangnam style with style.

Yipee! Boss is on holiday today.

4. Oh s**t,. He’s here.

The minute you think you can call it a day, you see your boss entering from nowhere, killing your excitement and happiness instantaneously.

Oh s**t,. He’s here.

3. Is that my increment?

You wait for your appraisal to happen and when it does, you think that saving in your kid’s piggy bank would have been a better option.

 Is that my increment?

2. Extra hours of working, I want free dinner!

When your boss asks you to devote more hours to your work, you feel you are entitled to have a free ride home or a free nibble, but Alas!



This is the day you wait for, when you can get sloshed and blabber about anything under the sun. This is your moment and you are the king!