6 Clothing Fabrics That Will Keep You Cool And Dry During The Rains

Updated on 26 Sep, 2014 at 1:09 pm


Each and every season has unique characteristics. Now that the rain gods are delivering steadily almost every week, time has come to change the rack with a new set. Talking about clothes, we do have our own set of clothes ready for any kind of climactic change.  However, the rainy season troubles us the most. The sun is no stronger, but the heat is in its place, leading to sweat. In such weather conditions, it is advisable to wear certain selected fabrics, which will keep you cool and dry during the rains. They mostly include cotton, mul, and light-weight silk fabrics. Fabrics like linen and knits are a strict no-no in this weather because of their propensity to shrink when touched by water.

6. Cotton: Stay Beautiful

It is the safest and the most reliable fabric for the monsoons. And it is beautiful. It will not stick to your body or soak water. It is breathable. However, it is not just the fabric that counts, the proper choice of garment is also very important. For children, cotton dresses and shirts are the best option available, since they are the ones who sweat the most. For the ladies, this is the second best time (the best time being summers undoubtedly!) to flaunt your cotton dresses. Go for free-flowing ones instead of the body-hugging ones for sweat to stay at bay. Full length cotton trousers should be strictly avoided. The three-fourth length is the best for college/office goers. Cotton tops and kurtis in bright colours will be a perfect choice. For parties too cotton sarees are a welcome and stylish change. For men, cotton shirts and tees should keep you in the comfort zone.

Cotton: Stay Beautiful

5. Mul: Stay Comfortable


This is softer than cotton, but equally effective. Mul sarees and salwar suits are popular in our country. Cholis are generally made of mul and they look prettier in this fabric. It will help you to keep the rains and the sweat at bay which is a huge advantage. Mul dupattas can be used with long kurtis (since salwaar suits are a strict no-no in the rains) and that will keep style and comfort both in place.

Mul: Stay Comfortable

4. Silk: Stay Safe

You might wonder how is this a good option for the rains, but silk can lessen all your rainy-season-wardrobe-anxieties. It brings in a change of texture from the cottons and the muls, yet has its own advantages. There are various kinds of silk among which the light-weight ones that is crepe and the ones mixed with cotton. These are advisable during the monsoons because they tend to stay fresh and straight during these troubling times and they dry in a jiffy. For both women and men, silk is a wonderful choice.

Silk: Stay Safe

3. Denims: Stay Smart

Not a very comfortable option for the monsoons, but, definitely a practical option for this season. Denims can resist muck and slush like no other. So, it is better if capris or knee-length denims are worn, they will help you tackle mud like a pro. A stained cotton trouser is a mess than a not-so-visible denim. It is advisable for the days when it rains unstoppably and when each and every outfit of yours might get damaged. And we all will agree to how fashionable denims will always be.

Denims: Stay Smart

2. Nylon and Chiffon: Stay Stylish

These fabrics are a must for any girl living in India. Apart from the fact that they are very beautiful, they too are helpful during the monsoons. They dry in just no time, and this is something you will totally adore in the rains. Chiffon and nylon sarees are a delight and they give you the perfect comfort. Once fashion remains in its place, the advantages increase. Therefore dresses of these fabrics, or even sarees, are a wise option for the monsoons.

Nylon and Chiffon: Stay Stylish

1. Handloom: Stay Diverse

This is the fabric when it comes to keep the sweat and rains at bay. Handloom sarees are very popular in Kolkata because of their artsy feel. Traditional weaves like khadi are a very good option in this weather. For your desi outings, this is the best that is available in the market.


Handloom: Stay Diverse

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