6 Of The Cheapest But Tastiest Food Junctions In Kolkata

Updated on 11 Sep, 2014 at 1:30 pm


It is a common saying that Kolkata is the city of joy. However, this saying isn’t an archaic one, or it is not really for no reason that it is said so; after all, in which metropolitan city (or otherwise, too) would you get such inexpensive lifestyle? In this listicle, we’ll talk about a few of those restaurants in the city which serve delectable delicacies at extremely pocket-friendly rates! So, all the gastronomes out there, here we go—

6. Paramount

Yes, yes, we know it is a place where only “restaurants” are being discussed, but still not including this sherbet junction would be a criminal offence. It is a place where you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice amidst an array of Sherbets that they have to offer. It’s cheap, and filling, and is a great and healthy option on the go! If you’re anywhere near College Street or Sealdah, we’d recommend you to try their Choco Malai Sherbet—we bet you’ll be craving for more!


5. Dilkusha Cabin


One of the gastronomic identities of Kolkata since ages, Dilkusha Cabin is the place where you’d find people hoarding up to savor the best Kabiraji cutlet in Kolkata. This old-world place has a charm of its own and has a variety on its menu to choose from. A meal for two at this College St. restaurant would set you apart by 300 bucks!

Dilkusha Cabin

4. Golbari

According to Kolkatans, there are two things which provide a concrete identity to Shyambazar (the main hub of North Kolkata)—one is the horse ridden statue of Netaji while the other is Golbari. This tiny, almost claustrophobic joint has been providing delectable mutton kosha to people for ages. This is a place where you won’t find many options, still to get hold of a seat at any point of the day is indeed an uphill task. If you’re there, do savor their Mutton Kosha and Parantha combo (155 bucks)—your taste buds will be satiated better than ever!


3. Nizam’s

They were the first ever restaurant in Kolkata to start the famous Rolls, and still they maintain their reputation with pride! Well, this restaurant isn’t much showy and frilly but they are great in their culinary art. If you’re a beef buff, then it’s your place to be. Otherwise, you may also try their Chicken Bharta and Chicken Biryani which are exquisite and delectable. A meal for two in here would set you back by 450 bucks! And, the maximum you have to spend on a roll is 62 bucks (and the minimum: 27 bucks)!


2. Shiraz: The Golden Restaurant

At Mullick Bazar, you’ll find not one but two outlets of this restaurant though the quality of food is much similar. Anyhow, if you really have much less amount in your pocket and want to wrap up a nice Mughlai lunch within 400 bucks (for two), then there’s no place better than this. Their highlight is Mutton Pasinda, Biryani and Tandoori Chicken, but if you want to go light, try their Egg Chicken Roll—a great on-the-go food at 50 bucks!

Shiraz: The Golden Restaurant

1. Arsalan

This Mughlai restaurant is known as the “face of Park Circus Seven Point Crossing” and has been catering to the needs of the taste buds of the Kolkatan since over a decade now. This restaurant chain specializes in Mughlai cuisine though they serve equally great Punjabi cuisine as well. If you’re there, you’ll do a blasphemous act if you don’t try their Biryani which is unanimously regarded as the best in Kolkata. A plate of mutton Biryani would set you back by 135 bucks; and, if you want to share a plate between two, then try their Special Biryani—at 200 bucks they provide a wholesome lunch to two people! Besides Biryani, their kababs are to die for. A meal for two at Arsalan would set you off by 700 bucks—that’s the maximum by the way!



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