6 Best Ways To Spend Post Exam Vacations In India

Updated on 2 Sep, 2014 at 5:09 pm


Culmination of exams is such a relief, isn’t it? And, if it’s the board exams that we’re talking about, then nothing like it! At the end of exams, you’ll often find students vouching to spend the holidays by sleeping while some of them simply cannot think of anything other than partying. While we understand the genuine feelings associated with such, yet spending holidays like that is simply preposterous.

So, here we have brought to you some of the very addictive ways to spend your post exam vacation.

6. Join a Cine Club

Now, at this stage, we all become a movie addict, isn’t it? So, why not indulge in watching some very good and acclaimed films from around the world? With the motive of bringing the best instances of Cinema to all, numerous film clubs have cropped in different parts of the country where with a very small membership fees, you could join and spend time in a very meaningful way. And, yes, your parents will never say “No” to your joining a film club—take it from us!


Join a Cine Club

5. Say Yes to the Theatre Workshops

If you’re interested in theatres and drama, then the best way to utilize this holiday would be to get into some theatre workshop. Eminent directors from every part of India hold regular workshops where, with a very little admission fees, you could get yourselves enrolled and learn all the nitty gritties of how theatre works, acting and other aspects too. Besides, the chance of knowing the history of Indian drama from these eminent theatre artists is indeed great!

Say Yes to the Theatre Workshops

4. Go On For Trekking

If you love that adrenaline rush, then trekking is so for you. Yes, we know that many of you have had the taste of it while in school, but trust us, there’s so much more to trekking than just walking up the hills or mountains. So, it’s time for you to go out into the nature, take a deep breath and just follow your heart! I bet you’ll never be disappointed; and the lessons which you learn out there, is worth a million!

Go On For Trekking

3. Join in a Creative Internship

Well, this might sound tad bit boring, but this actually goes out to all the creative minds out there who want to just chuck the ordinary streams and indulge in something out of the box. Whether you love to design and paint quirky stuff or write creative articles or simply love photography, why don’t you inculcate this and join in some sort of internship where you’ll get to learn so much more along with practical experience? And, in this age of e-commerce with so many creative e-houses, it isn’t particularly impossible to get hold of an offer. So, what are you waiting for?


2. Organize and Be a Part of the Photo-walks and Heritage Walks

Walking around the city might be really boring and even “uncool” to many of you, but if you’re interested in photography, then photo-walks are great ways to learn this art better. If you’re a part of any local photography group in any social networking site, then you’ll get frequent updates on these photo-walks consisting of amateurs as well as experienced photographers. Or, you can start one too!


Well, those of you who aren’t much interested in photography but want to savor the delights of the city or town they’re living in, join in the heritage walks. Almost all the age-old cities organize heritage walks, or you yourself can organize one with your friends, covering all the important areas of your city! It’s one splendid way of falling in love with your city, we tell you!

1. Learn Your Mother Tongue

Well, the most important thing which most of the Indians are forgetting (willingly or unwillingly) is their own mother tongue. While getting the best of the Western Culture is always great, remembering one’s own culture only seasonally (during festivals) is so not acceptable. So, before learning the foreign languages, try to learn your own language impeccably! That’s indeed one of the best things which you can do to “utilize” your holidays!