6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:42 pm


Overlooking the vast lands of terraced hill slopes with blooming cultivations, Shimla is majestically robed with dense forests of pine, oak and evergreen deodar trees making it a perfect destination for the honeymooners.

No wonder, the summer capital of the British and the present capital of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one favorite hill station of the nation.

Bulging with unprecedented expansion, the place retains its colonial aura within its heritage grand old structures & edifices, immemorial iron lampposts, quaint cottages and unforgettable places with Anglo-Saxon names.


Offering vantage snow clad peaks, memorable walks, swaying fields, whispering streams accompanied by peace and tranquility attracts honeymooners from all over India. Plus its exotic locations including Chadwick Falls, Summer Hill, Jakhoo Hill, etc add up to the romance of the visiting couples.

Mentioned below are 6 best places for the love birds to visit in Shimla –

1. The Ridge Road

The Ridge Road is the large open space right in the heart of Shimla, which presents an excellent view of the girdling mountain ranges. The Ridge Road conjoins with the Mall Road at the Scandal Point at one end and it joins Lakkar Bazar at its other end.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

Have a little chit-chat, enjoy some ice-cream or take a walk

You can comfortably get seated at any point on the Ridge Road and look around happy couples, young and old, taking a warm stroll on the Mall.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

When it snows, Shimla looks more beautiful than that. Trust me!

You even have the option of purchasing various unique gift items or souvenirs as a token of Love from the many shops available in Lakkar Bazar market.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

Maybe you can buy a souvenir or two at Lakkar Bazar; you’d also be doing a favor to the local economy

2. Annandale

Annandale can be well defined as the isolated flat terrain in Shimla, which has been well developed as a playground of the city. It is located about 2-4 kilometers away from the main ridge road.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

That’s just an army mock drill and they do it like once in many-many weeks.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

Otherwise the ground is vacant most of the times

It is the favorite spot for many who want to enjoy their cricket picnics, polo and golf, etc. Your visit to Annandale is definitely going to be quite rewarding, as you will witness some of the best views of the city from here. Plus the place is located away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city; enjoy the tranquility and silence.

3. Kufri

Kufri is a small quaint resort situated away from the bustling life of Shimla region. It offers an ideal destination for all those couples who long for a secluded vacation in a quiet, cool and pleasant ambiance.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

Kufri in Snow

The love-birds can enjoy the panoramic views offered by this verdant valley with the backdrop of the snow clad Himalayan Mountains.

Kufri gains life especially during the winter season, when it gets thronged by the tourists, who wish to deluge into the extravagance and solace of the romantic aura offered by this place.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

Skiing in Kufri

4. Chadwick Falls

The Chadwick Falls are located about 7 kilometers away from the main city of Shimla. The soothing waters of the fall calmly cascade down into the deep gorge, from great heights.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

It is another ideal location for the love birds especially during the monsoon season.

A secluded place, without any unwanted intervention, the couples here can comfortably enjoy the flowing crystal clear, cold waters that offer an amazing picturesque for clicking some of the best and most memorable pictures.

5. Indian Institute of Advanced Study

Offering wide lawns and magnificent gardens for you to take a walk, the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is one must-visit location for the love birds in Shimla.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla

It is located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from the main city and you can enjoy one cozy stroll with your partner to this place located on the Observatory Hill in Shimla.

With its marvelous architecture, the Advanced Studies constitute an intrinsic part of the socio-cultural landscape and offers and insightful peek into life that exists in Shimla.

The honeymooners are sure to get awe-struck in this extravagant and beautiful place.

6. Naldehra Golf Course

The Naldehra Golf Course is one of the most picturesque locations near the Shimla town. This serene countryside with the bouncy turfs is nestled in the grooves of deodars leaves; the place leaves many honeymooners mesmerized.

6 Best Places For Love Birds In Shimla


The place has a lot to offer to the love birds here and is well equipped with tourist resorts and reasonable hotels offering the best services you can expect in Shimla. Naldera Golf Course in unbelievably a beautiful paradise for the love birds visiting Shimla.

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