6 Best Places In Delhi For Handicrafts Shopping

1:00 am 19 Feb, 2014


The diverse culture, tradition and heritage of India are best portrayed by the skilful hands of craftsmen who render the vibrant colors in their mesmerizing art works. The capital city of Delhi acts as the art hub for these meticulous craftsmen and their traditional art works lure tourists and shoppers from all corners of the world. So, here we have the top six places in Delhi for Handicrafts Shopping.

6. Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Janpath Marg

Popular for its brilliant stocks of handicrafts from all corners of India, Central Cottage Industries Emporium is a prime choice of handicraft shopping in Delhi. The store is located on Janpath Marg, New Delhi and is prevalently known as Cottage Emporium. Displaying the crafts of woodcarvings, jewelry, pottery, jute, brassware and textiles, Cottage Emporium is also famous for its traditional silver ornaments, dress fabrics and home decors. Although the emporium is regulated by the government, products are tagged with fixed prices that can be a bit varying than the state emporiums.

Central Cottage Industries Emporium

5. Indian Handicrafts Emporium, South Delhi


Located in Mehrauli (South Delhi), Indian Handicrafts Emporium has been a popular shopping destination for handicraft lovers since 1966. The emporium is renowned for its fine supply and manufacturing of various handicraft textiles, traditional items and jewelry. Craft works like Dhokra Castings, Tribal Arts, and Kashmiri carpets and attractive silk products are some of the most exceptional handicraft items the emporium fabricates. Moreover the emporium has an attracting collection of rarest jewelry designed with bronze or brass and silk products from different parts of India. The emporium ensures a good customer service record with a selected team of professionals and promises to provide a superlative knowledge with comprehensive traditional experience.

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Indian Handicrafts Emporium

4. Amrita Carpets and Crafts, Lagpat Nagar

Renowned for top-notch carpet manufacturing and impressive collection of traditional handicrafts, Amrita Carpets and Crafts is a popular handiwork store in Delhi. The store has an excelled range of products and services in the handicraft and is admired for antique carpets, precious jewelries and traditional handicrafts. The store also attracts customers with its wide ranging collection of Pashmina shawls, hand woven shawls and Silk Pashmina shawls.  With a skilful team of professionals and marketing experience of more than 15 years, the store has an attentive customer service and the products with reasonable price tags.

Amrita Carpets and Crafts

3. Bharati Delhi Emporium, Connaught Place

Showcasing the rich, vibrant colors and traditions of India, Bharati Delhi Emporium is popular handicraft store with an endless range of arts and crafts at a reasonable rate. The store is located Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place and has superlative assortment of sarees, handloom, wood-carving, paintings and metal works. The store portrays the cultural diversity of India in an easily accessible manner which facilitates customers with a wide range of quality products.  The store also has a wide range of brass ware, garments, paintings, designer jewelry and other handicraft products at an affordable price range.

Bharati Delhi Emporium

2. Janpath Market, Connaught Place

Located on the Outer Circle of Connaught Place, Janpath Market is a stretched marketplace which has a long line of boutique stores. The market is famous for its traditional shops or stores among which the majorities were established well before the independence. These stalls have excellent assortments of handicraft items, traditional jewelries, wooden crafts and handlooms. Renowned fabrics like Pashmina Shawls, Guajarati cotton and South Indian silk sarees are the highlights of this marketplace. Most of the traditional handicrafts are easily accessible and the price tags are much more than the bargain-able rates.

Janpath Market

1. Dilli Haat, South Delhi

Dilli Haat is an outsized shopping plaza located in the commercial centre of South Delhi and has numerous stalls exhibiting folk arts from various states of India. The plaza is prominent centre for handloom and handicraft items, which acts more likely as art hub where skilled craftsmen showcase their elegant craft works. The stalls in Dilli Haat have a luring collection of sandalwood carvings, metal crafts, silk and wool fabrics. The shopping area looks like a miniature portrayal of India and has an arresting compilation of traditional jewelries, embroidered carpets, fabrics and handicrafts.


Dilli Haat, South Delhi