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6 Best FIFA Official Songs Which Sensationalize You Every Damn Time

Published on 24 June, 2014 at 4:00 am By

‘Put your flags up in the sky…’ – is this what you’re humming now, all day? Soccer-mania is much, much aggravated by the Official songs of the FIFA World Cup. Be it Pitbull, Shakira or even Ricky Martin, we can’t get enough of it even if the songs are put on repeat mode. Every year an official song is chosen by FIFA which becomes the anthem of the world throughout the length of the tournament. It does pump up our energy tenfold, doesn’t it? Here’s looking at the best FIFA Official songs which made us groove, rejoice and enjoy:

6. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)


This was the Official song of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. First things first, this song has the highest number of hits on YouTube with 677,815,286 views. Beat that? This song by Shakira, with its wacky lyrics, has been a favourite with football lovers. Sample this: ‘When you fall get up, oh oh/ If you fall get up, eh eh…’! Whatever this means, it did grab attention for Shakira’s moves and the catchy tune. Among the Official songs, this is probably the most liked throughout the world. The video also has a cameo by Gerard Pique, her boyfriend, among other notable footballers.

5. We Are One (Ole Ola)

It’s the official song of the present World Cup in Brazil. Featuring rapping sensation Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez along with Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, this song is the newest anthem of the world at the moment. Pitbull in his unique style is joined by a super hot JLo who pumps up the tempo like all things Brazilian. As if that was not enough, this song even has another singer to its credit and that’s the Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte. The trio make for a fun watch. And this ‘Ole Ola’ thing really goes well with football, don’t you agree? We’ve seen them perform in the opening ceremony and want them in the closing too.

4. Boom

This was the Official song of the World Cup in 2002 held at South Korea/Japan. Each time the bespectacled Anastacia went ‘Boom, boom, boom…’ football fans around the world went crazy to crazier to craziest. It was one of the peppiest songs produced on this forum and it does have reasons why. For us, who started watching football around that time, this song meant Football. It defined the reason for watching the game. Back then they used to show the song more on TV, and YouTube was not very famous.

3. The Cup of Life (La Copa De La Vida)

This was the Official song of the 1998 World Cup in France. Once you listen to this song the tune will reverberate in your ears for long. And if you’re a football addict, it will stay on for days or months or more. Ricky Martin, the singer of this song, had already become a sensation with Maria, much before the release of this song. When the world cup song released it received worldwide attention because of his already star status. Listen to this amid the Pitbulls and Shakiras to get the feeling of the original voice. Yes, we girls are hardcore fans!

2. Mundial’82

This was the Official song of the 1986 World Cup held at Spain. Sung by Placido Dominigo, this song was (judging by those times) an epic number. The world ‘mundial’ means world, or worldwide or global; but the closest translation would be ‘world’. The song was an instant hit among the Spaniards and the world. It might sound a bit pompous now but back then it sounded just perfect. Dominigo went on to perform at more World Cup events in the years 1990 and 2006.

1. El Rock Del Mundial

This song was performed by the group Los Ramblers for the Chile World Cup in 1962. You have the sound of a football match in this very song. Hand claps, blows in the referees whistle accompanied by rock’n’roll. How fun is that? You might not find it to be as technologically advanced as the newer ones but the music, the lyrics and the feel are as exciting as could be. After all, a FIFA Official song is a FIFA Official song is a FIFA Official song. No one can beat its grandeur.



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