6 Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

11:20 am 12 Nov, 2013


Gossip is idle talk focused on exploring the private lives of other people. Often, Gossip is viewed as dirty talk because it spreads misinformation and is based on molding the lives of others to your advantage. The British casually call gossip as ‘Godparent.’ It may even be considered socially unacceptable, and yet most of us indulge in it for pleasure and distraction from boredom. Offices are known to be the ‘gossip-temples’ where every second person has something scandalous to reveal. Even leading dailies carry ‘gossip columns’ to quench the thirst of people interested in learning about the private lives of celebrities and other elites. But, gossiping also carries some benefits and can increase your productivity at work.

6. Constructive Results:

Gossip can easily produce a constructive result, only if you desire to see one. One instance is of a woman employee in an office gossiping about a male colleague, who has had a history of pursuing women for pleasure. Although it is gossiping about the personal whereabouts of a person, it gives other women a chance to remain cautious about his flirting and intentions. However, you must see to it that gossip is not launched just for mere character assassination, but for benefiting people around by spreading awareness. How about a light chit-chat on the latest gadgets, current affairs or movies?

Constructive Results - Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

5. Latest Policy Change:

Gossip helps making a strong change or adapting to any policy amendment before it sees the light of the day. Generally, ‘grape wine’ if combined with office gossip can be the source of leaking insides stories such as the kinds of policy your management is planning for the future. Although, gossip rarely comes with a credible source, you must check facts before putting your foot over the gas lever. A proper cross checking is always advised when dealing with information received through people who love gossiping day-in-day-out. This is especially helpful if you’re a management official at a mid-sized company.

Latest Policy Change - Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

4. Timely Warning:

Although, Jewish and Christian religions condemn gossip outrightly terming it as a punishable offense, the devil in every human advises opposite, a major benefit of gossiping at the workplace is that it can provide you a timely warning (indirect) from other members about the wrong you are committing or in the process to. It helps you in mending your ways before your strike the wrong chord forever. It is a wake up signal for you. When there’re half a dozen people talking about how often you are late to work or how you try to persuade members of opposite sex at work, know that it’s about time you mend your ways! You need not necessarily wait till the time YOU become the subject of gossip. You can learn from others too!

Timely Warning - Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

3. Stress Buster:

Undoubtedly every second person is presently under stress – to perform better and outperform even the best of his peers. Gossip eliminates stress and boredom which is good from a performance point of view. We all require a medium to vent out our anger and violent feelings – gossip provides the right platform and that too free of charge. We can actually say that gossip is therapeutic.

Stress Buster - Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

2. Gossip as Performance Auditor:

It’s not only for employees but for the authority as well to earn rich dividends from gossip. If you have an ear for gossip as the company’s boss, you are likely to be in constant touch with the latest developments taking place behind your back. Additionally, you can also control and limit the amount of gossiping at the work place by putting into place adequate employee management policies. If managed well and done with some caution, gossiping is a fine technique that can be used to pass on messages really well to an audience that may not otherwise appear so pleasant.

Gossip as Performance Auditor - Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

1. Social Bonding:


In today’s world, where cut throat competition runs the roost, gossiping at work places can radiate a cohesive power which binds people together. Gossip at workplace can be defined as a way selected by nature to hold large groups together. Although, there always runs a fine line between harmless and harmful gossip, gossip in any form is always known to enhance camaraderie between groups.

Social Bonding - Benefits Of Keep Gossiping At Work

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