6 Areas In Delhi Where Women Should Be Alert

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:51 pm


Though I am not of the opinion that women should avoid doing things to feel safe or prevent themselves from falling victims to crime, still a little awareness of how danger can be prevented can make one cautious. Delhi lately has been tarnished with the tag of ‘Rape City’, which I deeply wish gets removed soon. This requires efforts from the system as well as the inhabitations of the state.  A combined effort will surely make Delhi the city it was earlier.

A crime can be committed in front of public and even in daylight, it’s not even necessary that the remote corners if not visited will keep you safe. However if you can, you should try to be alert on the roads of the following destinations in Delhi, where some of the past crimes have been witnessed.

6. Vasant Kunj

This affluent and plush destination in Delhi has been in news for many crimes that have taken place there. From the much publicized Priyadarshani Mattoo’s rape to the recent rape of a 19 year old girl has put the posh locality under the radar.



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5. MG Road

The Mehrauli-Gurgaon road, though a chic stretch, has witnessed a series of gruesome crime. Reported in 2012, a girl was molested by a group of 20-25 men and another case reported a woman raped by her cab driver on the route. Yet another case of a girl being abducted near Ghitorni Metro Station was reported. Though it is the most visited road, the increase in crime has alerted the police as well.


4. Pitampura

Pitampura has also witnessed some of the crimes against women. Unfortunately with time we will realize that no place in Delhi is left untouched by criminals. Case of a minor girl raped in 2012 and a businesswoman in 2013 have been reported by the media.


3. Mathura Road

The Mathura Road, the road that is a part of NH 2 is another major destination of crime committers. The first case reported was in the year 2001 when a 26 year old was raped by 4 men in a Blueline bus. There have been a few more cases which marks this road on red alert.


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2. Benito Juarez Marg

This has been considered to be one of the unsafe places in the capital by Whypoll, a Delhi-based Non-profit organization. Police has been on high alert and most of the cops on the booths constitute women to ensure focused policing in adjoining areas.


1. Dhaula Kuan

Dhaula Kuan has seen maximum crime against women and has been thus tagged as the ‘Nightmare Street’. There are innumerable rape and molestation cases reported in this region. The most noted crime in this region had been the rape of a call center employee who was picked up by 4 drunk men and tortured for 40 minutes.



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