5 Ways Quantum Physics And Spirituality Appear Related To Each Other

2:00 pm 19 Apr, 2014


Quantum Physics is, contrary to our ideas, as much about science as it is about spirituality. After the discovery made by Einstein about energy, the whole world stood up and took notice. It is a formula, which is not about calculating how much energy is required to run a certain distance, but of discovering things that the world of science never could imagine. Well, it is true that spirituality is in a way related to quantum physics and that is what we are going to discuss now. Here are five points which will show you how they are related:

5. Einstein and his Theory of Relativity E=MC2

When it’s Quantum Physics that we are talking about then can Einstein be far behind? He can be called the creator of this theory. Quantum physics bases its theories on energy. It does not give primary importance to gravity, which was the basis of the 17th century Newtonian physics. Einstein’s theory of relativity, which he discovered in the year 1925, made clear that it was not light which was the fastest travelling thing around, but energy which did not need to travel since it was already connected to every object in the cosmos.

Theory of Relativity


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4. Energy Connects Us All To Each Other

Energy is the most important part of Quantum physics and it is explained as the one which connects each of the objects of the living world to that of the cosmos. Now where does spirituality come in here? Well, if you are indirectly connected to the cosmos, the cosmic forces and energy don’t you think it is easier to think about the position of ‘God’ here? Who is God? Or where is God? According to Quantum physicists, the discoveries and theories of quantum physics takes you much closer to the contemplating of yourself with relation to a ‘God’.

Energy Connects Us All To Each Other

3. Your Consciousness Is Your Energy

Your subconscious mind or your conscious mind – both derive their creative spirit from the energy, which is the binding force of the world. Your consciousness allows you to live, to understand, to perceive things, to love and to do everyday activities. But, it is actually guided by the energy inside you, which scientists claim to be that of the energy spoken of by Einstein. However creative you are, however intelligent you are, all depends on this very energy that we are talking about. You must also notice that our consciousness is unique to ourselves and something which can bring about in us an understanding of the position of spirituality and God. You will notice that the religious beliefs that you swore by are the ones that these scientists are talking about.

Consciousness Is Your Energy

2. Your Perception is the Key to Existence in the World

One thing that we must always remember is that any object in this world is not an object unless it is observed by someone. There is nothing which can exist by itself in this world. Every object or energy in this world thrives because of its relation to other objects. You have to define or explain something always with the help of other things. This is the biggest part of all. If God is the creator of the world, then he must be in some way or the other be connected to us, right? If we go by what quantum scientists have to say then it might be possible to find the existence of ‘God’ or negate it. This will only be possible if you have an authentic understanding of Energy as expounded by Einstein. See, science is not about wiping out God, it’s about understanding who or what it is.

There is nothing which can exist by itself in this world

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1. The Way you Think is the Way you Are

This follows from the fact that our consciousness gets its power, its energy from the world surrounding us – from other humans, from animals, from trees, from insects or other bodies. If you are someone who thinks negatively about most things, chances are that you are not a good person. It lies on your will, on your will which is free. You are the person who can guide your consciousness to a direction where you can find happiness and joy (if that’s what you’re looking for!). You have to make the choices about yourself. Even if someone else takes decisions for you then you have allowed that person to. Utilize the physical energy that you already have to spiritually find the route to happiness.


our consciousness gets its power

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