5 Unsung Heroes Of India Who Will Inspire You To Make The World A Better Place

9:00 am 28 Mar, 2018


We love hearing the tales of bravery. From movies to books, these tales are the ones that entice the audience. However, if we truly want to see bravery then all we have to do is just look around. Here are untold stories of those fighting against social evils, not for fame or money but to make this world a better place.


1. Dr. Sunitha Krishnan

She is the founder of NGO Prajwala that deals with rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegration the victims of sex-trafficking. A gang-rape survivor herself, she works tirelessly to help those in need.

2. Nandlal Master


This weaver from a village in Uttar Pradesh has set his mission to empower women and abolish child labor. He opened a learning center for students from less-privileged homes. Also, he works towards abolishing dowry.

3. Nanak Chand

When Punjab was terrorized by Gurdaspur attacks, this Punjab Roadways driver saved lives of his passengers. Without fearing for his life, he drove straight towards the terrorists and kept driving until he reached the government hospital.

4. Sabiya

This worker of the Polio Social Mobilization Network in Uttar Pradesh showed that determination can move mountains. She arranged one-on-one meetings with parents to help them in understanding the necessity of Polio vaccination.

5. Bina Kalindi and Vijaylaxmi

Though at different places, these women are raising their voices against a common evil, Child marriage. Bina is from West Bengal and Vijaylaxmi resides in Rajasthan.


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