5 Tips To Do Something Amazing With Your Life

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:36 pm


Our life should be nothing less than amazing because we get to live it only once. At least that is what we know so far if we do not care for myths or old wives tales. If you are going through a phase where your life seems to be mundane and boring, you don’t have to resign to living it that way. The first step would be shaking yourself out of the shell you have crawled into for the sake of being safe. Nothing amazing can happen without some kind of risk being involved in it. Get inspired and motivated by the dreams once you carried in your heart, and then fly high to reach for the rainbow. Here are 5 tips that will help you to do something amazing with your life.


5. Filter your friends

We do not get to pick our family, but we do get to pick our friends. Make the most of this choice you have, because life does not offer us many choices on a platter. Without our knowledge, we tend to collect some bad friends in our lives, who follow us like shadow. They are present when the sun shines, but abandon you during dark times. There are some naysayers, those who spread gloom and those who hold you back from free and happy. Filter them out of your life. Be with people who tend to spread smile on your face and make you happy.


4. Lock up your fears

Instead of locking up yourself because of your fears, lock up your fears so that it will not act as chain binding you to a post. Fear is important part of our lives, but when it starts to hold you back from enjoying your life to the fullest; then it is time to tone it down. Fear sometimes makes you compromise with your life by stopping you from quitting the job you loath, mend or get out of troublesome relationships, get into new relationships, pursue your passions and many more. When your fears are locked up, you will be free to pursue the path that will make your life amazing.


3. Mend your relationships


Do not wait to resolve conflicts and mend your relationships. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. They may say that money makes the world go round, but without people you love and be loved back by them, going round and round the world would turn out to be meaningless in the end. Do not wait for the problems to go away with time as they only stay and grow. Tackle them head on to resolve them. Be it your relationship with your spouse, parents, siblings, children or friends; do not let the conflicts make it sour. When you love and are loved back, life will be amazing, no matter how tough it is.

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2. Do not give up your passion

Be it your passion for sports, music, books, numismatics, or anything else, never ever give it up. It is easy to lose what you love doing when you start doing what you have to do. That is the way of life, especially in today’s competitive world. You have to remember that life is meant to be lived happily as well as successfully. Do not sacrifice your joy for success. Pursue your passion and set time aside for it, no matter how busy your life gets.


1. Learn to let go

As we shifted from writing in note books to typing on our computers, we loved having the delete button to erase our mistakes in a jiffy. Unfortunately, there is no delete button in our life. We often tend to hold on to painful emotions, hurting memories and negative experiences of the past to create chaos in our present. Learning the skill of letting go is very important to live happily. Practice affirmative thought process which will replace pain with joy. Learning the skill of letting go is not easy, be it a relationship, emotion, memory or habit; but, persistence and never quit attitude will pay in the end. In no time, you will find yourself free from burden, living an amazing life.