5 Things Most Indians Don’t Know About The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

3:00 pm 27 May, 2014

Acknowledged as the valley of sufis and saints with its breathtaking landscapes and splendid mountain covers, Kashmir was once honored as “Paradise on Earth” by the Persian Emperor. However, times have changed dramatically – the crowning glory of India is mired in constant conflict. Terrorist activities, communal riots, and cross border tensions result in widespread deaths every year.

Over the past 24 years, one ethnic group of Kashmir – the Pandits have witnessed smoldering abodes and assassination of their loved ones in hundreds.

Kashmiri Pandits are Saraswat Brahmins who have deep trenched Vedic roots in the valley and are popularly known as followers of Shiva. However, in the past two decades, Kashmiri Pandits have observed how life is just a nosh on which guns endure, making them nothing more than the refugees in their own homeland.

Check out below things, many of wouldn’t know about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits:

5. Stampeded From Their Mother Country              

Just envisage how the Kashmiri Pandits feel when they get classed as second rate citizens in their own homeland? In an irrational variance between the two nations, this minor community of Kashmir has been a subsist paradigm of violence living to tell the tale on graves of innocents. In the land that has been the home for more than five thousand years to the Kashmiri Pandits, finding a new adobe as nomad has become a regular task in the past few decades.

Things Most Indians Don't Know About The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

4. Kashmiri Pandits – An Ongoing Genocide

Whether Pakistan supports the doings of Jihad (the holy war) or India shores it up as a defensive tactic, the swelling trepidation of terror and hostilities have only resulted in the annihilation of the innocent Kashmiri Pandits. According to a report publicized by the Jammu And Kashmir Police, 209 Kashmiri Pandits were killed by militants since 1989 and about 109 were slaughtered in the year 1990 only. More surprisingly, only 24 cases have been in filled in twenty five years with more 110 cases untraced. Clearly, the reports are only a split of what the actual truth is.

Things Most Indians Don't Know About The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

3. An Unfeasible Path Back Home

Although, majority reports and evidences show that Kashmiri Pandits left the valley willingly and had no ramming from the militants. However, the facts are from this statement. The Pandits were viciously lashed out of their home as result of constant terrorist and communal violence. The departure of Kashmiri Pandits was nothing, but an illustration of a fragile government in rule. Even after so many years, fear still dwells in the hearts of immigrant Kashmiri’s and they have no plans to make their way back home.

Things Most Indians Don't Know About The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

2. 25 Years Of Poignant Scenes And Stories

In a state where the Muslim population has the maximum percentage, the hardhearted assassination of Kashmiri Pandits and atrocious committed against them seems not to abate anytime soon. Kashmiri Pandits have been the prime target of the jihadists with hundreds and thousands executed in the most brutal manner. In an unpleasant incident, a Kashmiri Pandit was dragged out of a bus while he was travelling back to his native place. He was punished with the most vindictive torture for two days and later his body was recovered dangling from a tree with both his cheeks gashed with knives.

Things Most Indians Don't Know About The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

1. Three Undesirable Options For Kashmiri Pandits

In the early 90’s, Kashmir was no longer a safe place the Pandits could call their home. With several warnings the Kashmiri Pandits were asked to leave Kashmir. They were then left with three options. The first choice was to change their religion from Hindu to Muslim and impose sanctions against Hindu beliefs. The second option was somewhat more acceptable. It was proposed that the Pandits should leave the state immediately. And, the last option was to stay back in the valley and live or die on the mercy of terrorists.

Things Most Indians Don't Know About The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

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