5 Things Your Dog Tells By Wagging Its Tail

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5:05 pm 25 Jun, 2014

A dog without a tail that wags is the same as a lion that doesn’t roar. It’s the like the ultimate – “How are you” from the animal kingdom to us. But all of us need to be aware that a tail that’s wagging does not necessarily imply a friendly hello. A better approach is to check out the dog completely, observe his ears, his facial expression and only then should you extend your arm in response.

Scientifically, the tail serves the purpose of balance in a dog. It stops him from falling over when running and walking. It is also an important tool for communication when he is with his pals from the doggy and human world. Puppies are not born with tails wagging, they start talking only after a month or so.

Let’s sum it up by saying wagging is like smiling, they sometimes smile to make us smile and at other times smile without knowing that they are smiling. Have a look at doggy wagging styles-

5. Come home daddy style

For singles that live alone coming home to a dog that jumps right up to their shoulders to greet them when they enter, is a feeling that can never be expressed in words. They wiggle and they waggle and there is a spark in their eyes that warms up your heart. This is the love you waggle that is there every day, no matter what the season or what the reason. Love unconditional!

Come home daddy style

4. I am hungry

The moment you pour your dog his dog food in his bowl and whistle to him to come, his tail starts whipping back and forth and body goes in frenzy. This is ‘I’m hungry wag’ and I want to eat. And it also qualifies as the thank you wag!

I am hungry

3. I am wary

If he looks unsure and starts moving his tail back and forth then he probably is thinking what to do. His head might go down slightly while the executive decision is being taken. Be it a stranger at the gate or a new pal of your kids who came visiting. This dog is not dumb!

I am wary

2. Be wary of Guard Wagging

If your guard dog stands upright with his tail wagging in strict discipline, be warned some action is coming his way. This dog is ready to defend with his life come what may. Relax; he could also get into action mode for a bird he spotted in the bushes or for a rabbit that lost its way. I am watching!

Be wary of Guard Wagging

1. I am the boss

You must have seen the alpha dogs out for a stroll with their owners in the park, with their heads held high. Their tail is stiff like a thorn and heels straight. If they see a fellow female counterpart they might start wagging it faster than a table fan. On the whole, all lookers get the clear message of who’s the boss here. No messing around allowed!

I am the boss


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