5 Superstitions Carried Out By Bengalis During A Soccer Match

Updated on 11 Sep, 2014 at 11:13 am


The whole world is glued to what is better known as the “World Cup.” Be it in Brazil or in front of television sets, nothing comes close to watching a world cup match. And when soccer is the talking point, can Bengalis be far behind? Never; it’s in their blood! Sleep? Huh. That can be kept for the next month. Food? Well, meal times actually suffer a terrible blow. Work? It’s completed at office. Everything at bay, a Bengali is at peace in front of their television sets and counting the seconds for the kick-off to commence. And beware if you don’t follow their match-time norms.

Let’s look at these rules, actually superstitions, which Bengalis follow to the core:

5. Every Position Counts: Not of the players, it’s you

If you happened to get to the darkest corner of the room to kill an insect and a goal was scored – stay assured – that place is yours forever. Try to move and you’re verbally killed. Bengalis usually take note of these things. It might be the most uncomfortable space of the room, out of the reach of the fan, attacked by mosquitoes or insects, and most importantly no place to sit – but since that position of yours has been favourable on one occasion (probably no one can recall any longer), it means that you Have to stay there for the length of the match. A Bengali usually follows this. He will do it happily, let the rest go to hell.


Every Position Counts: Not of the players, it’s you

4. Better Wear That Shirt Again

If you notice keenly, actually you don’t need to notice keenly, you will find the same shirt or tee on a few of them during their favourite matches. It’s that which indicates whether their favourite team wins or loses, it’s not about the players. And if need be, that shirt will not be washed. Yes, do keep the distance whenever required. It gets washed after the team loses, which is a sigh of relief for other members of the family. But the favourite tee or shirt is equal to the Oracle speaking. Wear it to win it, or leave it to lose. However, if the team loses, the blame is never on the shirt, it retains its hegemonic position forever.

Better Wear That Shirt Again

3. Inside the Bathroom Please

God forbid if someone happens to go to the bathroom during a match. If the visit to the bathroom proves lucky, then be rest assured that his move has been noticed by everyone in the room. He will be immediately asked to stay put inside the bathroom for the rest of the match, till the final whistle blows. Being a football crazy person himself, he can’t leave the bathroom, but is unaware of all the things happening outside. Too bad! It’s best to finish off your bathroom activities, much before the match starts to avoid a stay inside.

 Inside the Bathroom Please

2. To be Continued

Take a sip of water and be ready to do it again, and again and again. And trust a Bengali to do it voluntarily for as long as he proves to be lucky. It might be a tad bit difficult to look at his face while he is happily sipping gallons, but be ready to see him declared as the winner of the match. Messi might have struggled to score, Ronaldo might have been tackled badly or Neymar might have dribbled his way to the net, but the person who has won the match is the one who has just rushed to the bathroom. A heavy price indeed!

To be Continued

1. Why You No Leave?

A Bengali will happily be forever alone, if need be. You’ve probably entered the room for some reason and caused a lot of harm to the fate of their favourite team, then be ready to face their wrath. And if you come over for the match and prove to be terribly unlucky, all hell breaks loose. He’ll love you at all times, but at this time you’re his nemesis. So no more of watching a match together, he’ll watch the game alone, even if his team loses. But if you’re lucky, then he might carry you inside his room in whichever way possible to sit through the match. It’s rendezvous for all occasions. That place, that dress, that person/s, that room and that TV. And they won because they followed these superstitions. Obviously!


Why You No Leave?

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