5 Steps To Join Indian Army After Graduation

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Getting into the Indian Armed Forces is one of the most honorable and respectable achievements for all the Indians. Besides, the fact that it’s one of the most luxurious, high paying and of course, self satisfying jobs in the country, which makes this nothing but one of the most-wanted jobs around. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps that are required by a person to get into the Indian Armed Forces after completing graduation or bachelors’ degrees. Let’s take a look at those—

5. Combined Defense Service Examination

One of the easiest ways to join the Defense Forces after bachelor’s degree is to sit for the UPSC examination for the same—Combined Defense Service Examination. You can sit for this examination if your age is anywhere between 19-24 years and you’ve completed your graduation from a UGC recognized university or institution. If you’re male, you can select either Indian Military Academy (IMA) or Officers Training Academy (OTA) as your training institute, and in case of females, its OTA where the training is imparted.

The written examination for the same is held twice a year, September/October and February/March for which the notifications are provided in all the leading newspapers and journals.


 Combined Defense Service Examination

4. Technical Entrances

If you’re a BE or a holder of a B.Tech degree from any recognized institution or university, you can enter the Armed Forces in two distinct ways. You can either opt for the Technical Graduate Course (only for male candidates) if your age is between 20-27 years for the Permanent Commission, or you can opt for the Short Service Commission (for male and female candidates both). For the latter, the age limit for the male candidates remains the same, though for the female candidates it becomes 19-25 years. The training for the former is given at IMA, while for the latter it’s provided at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

For TGC, the notification comes twice a year, in April and October, while for SSC, it comes up in the month of June/July.

 Technical Entrances

3. Special Entries for NCC

You don’t have to sit for any written entrance exam for the same; if you’re a law graduate with a minimum of 50% marks and/or are backed by a 2 years’ service in the NCC Senior Division Army with a minimum of B or C grade in the qualifying examination, you’re entitled to be called in for the SSB interviews directly that’s required for your entrance into the Defence forces. Any person between 19-25 years’ age can apply for the same, and the training is generally provided at the OTA.

The notification for the same comes around in the months of April and October.

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 Special Entries for NCC

2. University Entry Scheme

This being a Permanent Commission job, only male candidates are eligible to apply. There are two interview schedules for the entrance—the first one is held at the campus whereas the final one is the SSB interview held at the designated centers. The eligibility criteria for the same is a B.Tech degree (the final and pre-final year students can also apply) whereas the age limit is anywhere between 19-25 years. The training for the same is imparted at the IMA.

The notification generally comes out in the month of May.

University Entry Scheme

1. Judge Advocate Entry

If you’re a law graduate with minimum 55% marks and are registered with the Bar Council of India or of the State, you can apply for the JAG entry course. In case of the same, you must be around 21-27 years old. The training for the same is provided at Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai and the entrance is based on SSB interview calls, a list for which is made after a thorough screening of all the entries.

The notification for the same comes out in June/July.

Judge Advocate Entry



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