5 Reasons Why Colorful Goa Carnival Is A Major Attraction For Tourists

5:00 am 26 Feb, 2014


To people around the globe, late February and early March ushers in the season of Carnival. Masques, parades, colorful street party and dance show all club together with a mood of celebration and freedom to form a Carnival. India too hosts a brilliant carnival at none other than the mesmerizing destination, a favorite of all – Goa. Held in the months of February-March (this year it’s going to be from 1st-4th March, 2014), Goa attracts record tourist enthusiasts to this festival. Let’s check out some tidbits regarding what makes it the grandest festival in India—

5. Best Way to Know the Area

As it’s with carnivals, they don’t stay put at a specific place (like fairs and other festivals), but move around a specific area merrymaking and performing shows. However, the best thing about the Goa Carnival is that it travels around Goa—starting from the capital city of Panaji through the beautiful Margao to the more ethnic Vasco and Mapusa. Besides, the carnival takes a very interesting route, it goes through the lanes and alleys, which otherwise remain unknown to the tourists. Hence, if you want to “cultivate” Goa properly, then there’s no time better than the Carnival period. Added to the exploration, the umpteen merrymaking and fun is always an added bonus!


4. A Unique Blend of Tradition and Modernism


We all know about Goa’s rich Portuguese heritage, but due to the ensuing of commercialism, this rich traditional heritage isn’t quite seen much. However, Goa revitalizes up with a renewed energy during this time of the year in its most traditional form. You can savor traditional Goan food and drinks while tapping your feet to a local Goan band’s music. All these are interspersed by the very modern and chic fashion shows and DJ Nights which bring on a different hue to the festival altogether. So, if you want to experience this unique identity of Goa, you must visit the Carnival sooner!

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3. A Place for Family and Friends

The idea of taking part in carnival always results in an innate guilt of not being able to take the family around. Well, this must be the case with the other carnivals around the globe, but not with the Goa Carnival. People from all age groups and societies participate in the Goa Carnival making it one of the biggest hits around the globe! In fact, the carnival authorities see to it that the carnival doesn’t become an odd place for any person. The colorful clothes, music, masquerades and dances become an endearing watch to the toddlers too!


2. No Entry Fee

That festivals must be enjoyed by all is one of the mottos of the Goa Carnival, and it is for this specific reason that participation in the carnival comes at no cost at all. In fact, the strategic route taken by the Carnival ensures that all the people, even those who cannot participate, get to, at least, visualize this festival, and in the process take part in them. It is also for this reason that the Goa Festival is a favorite time for foreign tourists as well. It is also regarded as one of the best occasion to meet and know new people around the globe. And, are you still looking a better reason behind its fame far and wide?


1. Enjoy, Enjoy and Just Enjoy

The idea of having a carnival at the onset of spring is to revitalize the lives and spirits of the people. The colorful atmosphere, the live band performances, the street dances, the food, drinks and mostly, the happiness and glee rejuvenate all your anxieties with the festive fervor, and makes you forget all the dilemmas in which each of us are entangled! And, the best thing about it all is, you don’t just witness these events, but participate in the madness as well!



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