These 5 Pictures Perfectly Prove That 2016 Delhi Haze Is Similar To 1952 London Smog Outburst

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Updated on 9 Nov, 2016 at 1:38 pm


For the past one week, people of Delhi have been left reeling with Smoke Haze that has turned the national capital into a ‘Gas Chamber’.

While everyone is going all out to get the environmental conditions back under control, the dense smog cover has made many people recall the 1952′ ‘Great Smog’ in London, which at that time had plunged the UK city into a similar situation.



We found 5 uncanny images of the two cities, which shows that Delhi’s situation is ironically similar to that of London in 1952.

Pollutions in both these events left people struggling to breathe and walking on the road without a mask became a nightmare.




With so much pollution, people couldn’t even imagine traveling in open public transport and buses were seen mostly running empty.




Famous tourists spots across the city held an empty look with the famous monuments hardly being visible.




Major sporting events in both the cities were canceled due to pollution (EPL Match in London, Ranji Matches in Delhi).




The biggest nightmare in both the situations was faced by the Traffic Policemen, who had to stand on roads all day long and had only a small mask to protect themselves.





While the London Smog lasted only four days in 1952, and then quickly dispersed when the weather changed, Delhi has already witnessed over 7 days of haze and is now desperately praying for the weather to change taking this nightmare away from them.

Image Source: AP, Daily Mail, Reuters, Titos Goa, Indian Express and ToI

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