5 Online Tools To Type In Hindi

1:00 am 14 Jan, 2014

Have you wondered how some people paste Facebook status messages in Hindi? It’s not that they have a special hindi keyboard. They use the normal qwerty keyboard, but use certain tools and software to translate and transliterate into Hindi. I’ll explain the difference between translate and transliterate below. Basically what I’m trying to say is that typing in Hindi on your computer is not such a big deal anymore. With the help of some free online tools you can do it easily and you don’t really have to buy any software unless you type a lot in Hindi in which case you should invest in a proper Hindi word processor.

Here are 5 such online tools that you can use directly from the browser to type in Hindi.

5. Google Input Tools

This is a great tool by Google for typing in over 80 languages. You can download it as software to use offline, but you can also use it as an extension of your Chrome browser and use it online. You have to specify that you want to type in Hindi. It also learns from the corrections you make and remembers them to generate a custom dictionary of uncommon words that you might use. This is a great tool as you have many options of input available from transliteration to virtual keyboard and even handwriting recognition. Check out the tool at www.google.com/inputtools

5 Online Tools To Type In Hindi

4. Google Translate

Another great tool by google is google translate. It will translate English into Hindi or pretty much any language into any other language. You have to remember that it translates not transliterates. The difference is that if you want to type Hindi language in Roman script and get that into Devnagari script then it means you want to transliterate. Translation is simply translating English language in Roman script into Hindi language in Devnagari Script. Once your English text is translated you can copy and paste the Hindi translation wherever you want. This is good for fast translation of short sentences such as for tweeting etc. You should try it out here www.translate.google.com

5 Online Tools To Type In Hindi

3. Quillpad

Quillpad was the first to come up with transliteration technology for Indic scripts. It covers Hindi and all other major Indian languages. You type Hindi language phonetically in Roman script and it is converted into Hindi in Devnagari script. It is slightly harder to use but it gives you more options of editing the text. You can use it to write longer Hindi documents. There are also inbuilt features to post on social networking sites and blogging sites as well. Visit their website to know more at www.quillpad.in

5 Online Tools To Type In Hindi

2. Web Dunia Utilities

One simple tool that you can use is the utilities page at webduniya.com. It is a simple online tool and you just have to type in the text editor phonetically and you’ll directly see the words appearing in Hindi. You can also choose the input method to inscript but for that you need to know which keys are for which character in the Hindi keyboard. To see how simple it is to use just go to www.utilities.webduniya.com/hindi/onlinetypingtools.html

5 Online Tools To Type In Hindi

1. Yahoo Transliteration

Yahoo Transliteration service is pretty similar to Google’s input tools. It is available online or you can add an extension to your browser. It is available for all major browsers such as chrome, firefox, safari and internet explorer. The quality of transliteration is just as good as Google’s and there’s not much to choose here. It all comes down to personal preference. You can try it our for yourself at transliteration.yahoo.com

5 Online Tools To Type In Hindi

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