5 Most Dangerous Cocktails That Are Only For The Brave

11:30 am 29 Jul, 2018


Advisory Warning: All these cocktails are categorized as dangerous and are strictly not for minors or beginners. For that reason, don’t attempt making them at home. Even if you are desperate to taste them, visit a good bar house and avoid drinking them without hefty measures. Mind you again, they are the most dangerous cocktails in the world.

Making a kicking cocktail is an art of experimenting with liquor and flavors. It’s not certain that every try will turn out a success, but some mixtures are classics and are in high demand across geographies. The cocktails listed out here are a result of much experimentation; classified as the most dangerous drinks for the brave.


1. 6 Feet Under

This drink won’t murder you, but will surely give you a taste of death. 6 feet under is made with Age’s Root liquor (1 ½ ounce) and Ferretti (1/2 ounce). The finishing touch to the drink is laced with mint, lime, ginger ale, and bitters of dash chocolate. The cocktail is incredibly full of flavors and multi-part for the taste buds. The cocktail measures no regular drink and it takes no time for the concoction to hit you from belly to brains. Don’t imbibe the drink in heavy doses or you will surely be lying six feet under.




2. Passing Note

It is not without a reason you label a real heavy alcohol cocktail so. This drink is peppered with natural flavors of summer and spring. This cocktail consists of Perry’s Tot Navy-strength gin (2 ounces) and is flavored with equal proportions of fresh honeydew, cucumber, mint, and lime juice. Sometimes, a bartender will give the drink an anise flavor with some dash of absinthe. With the richness of natural flavors, the drink is easy to nip and hits back with a kick in no time. The drink is good enough to get drunk easily, as one shot has more power than two regular shots to jolt you.




3. Cuba Libre


This cocktail takes on the name from its native land. First introduced in the Cuban bar house, in the early 1900’s, this classical cocktail makes a perfect blend of rum and coke. Just coalesce it with some white rum brands (Bacardi Gold), a double soda and top it up with some lime. According to Bacardi, this cocktail is ranked as the second most popular drink that is believed to have an origin during the Spanish American War. Having gone global, this drink is served in different parts of the world under different names. The Aussies call it Rumbo, the Americans ask for it as Mentirita (“a little lie”) and in Spanish shout for it as Ron-Cola.




4. The Crippler

This outrageous drink, a blend of alcoholic ingredients from top to bottom, is a mean cocktail concoction. This drink is a preparation of Rye whiskey, Rhum Agricole, yellow Chartreuse, Jagertee liqueur, all taken in measures of 3/4 of an ounce. Mixed with half an ounce of mescal and two dashes of barbecue-flavored pungent, the Crippler is indeed a dangerous drink for the brave. Blend all the ingredients nicely and serve it with ice. The moment you drink deep of it, the peaking alcoholic content hits up like a punch. Owing to its three main alcoholic elements, the cocktail more often is referred to as Trippler, for one drink is equal to three regular drinks.




5. Zombie

If you picture yourself walking like a zombie after slurping the cocktail, you probably are one in every sense. Because of its pungent tang and overpowering taste, this drink is surely not for the light-hearted. Rum forms the main base ingredient of the drink that is churned in with fruit juices. The drink is prepared with El Dorado, Appleton Estate V/X and Rhum Barbancourt rum in measures of a ½ ounce each. Before serving, the cocktail is topped with Coruba dark rum, lime juice, grapefruit and dashes of absinthe. Lastly, drape the drink with orgeat syrup, cinnamon, and curaçao liqueur. Thanks to all these fruit juices, the drink is sweet and full of flavors which make sipping it down an easy task belying the strength the liquor holds.


Which among the most dangerous cocktails do you want to try first?