5 Occasions When LAW Was EASY On Bollywood Celebrities

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:36 pm


Since childhood, through fairy tales, fables and even through detective stories, we’ve read that Law is same for all. However, living and growing up in India shows most of us a completely lopsided view.

In India, if you’re a Bollywood celebrity, no matter how bad or good you act or how good or bad a person you are, you’ll be treated like a demi-God. This belief has reached such an extent that actors are actually getting away with everything—even criminal acts. You don’t believe it, right?

Then let’s go ahead and study some incidents —

5. Shiney Ahuja Rape Case

Remember Shiney Ahuja, the actor who made it quite big with his debut “Hazaro Khwahishen Aisi”, followed by “Gangster”? Apparently a “happily married” person, Ahuja was accused by his domestic help on 14th June, 2009, of calling into his room and then raping her. The matter got pretty heated with the media intervening and Ahuja being imprisoned within hours. Reportedly, Ahuja had spent around 110 days in jail before the Bombay High Court granted him bail against a penalty of Rs. 50,000.


However, a little over a year later, in September 2010, the maid took back all the charges at a Mumbai fast track court by saying that all her allegations were false and that he had never raped her though all the DNA tests and medical reports suggest a clear incident of rape. Well, with the celebrities around, can anyone receive any justice, ever?—Nah, not in India.

Shiney Ahuja Rape Case

4. Fardeen Khan and the Drug Dealing Case

The actor-son of the famous actor and producer Feroz Khan, Fardeen Khan was caught buying Cocaine outside an ATM on 5th May, 2001 and was arrested immediately. Khan maintained that he had just “tried” to buy only a gram of cocaine for which law states only a six months’ jail (for the first timers). However, earlier too he had been convicted and had even admitted of using cocaine on six to seven occasions to “de-stress” himself. Well, again, since he was a “first timer” (read: a celebrity and the son of yet another celebrity and the brother of yet-yet another celebrity, Hrithik), the matter ceased to gain any more weightage. According to sources, the Mumbai police was pressurized of dismissing the case as one of mere “drinking and driving”.

Fardeen Khan - Drug Dealing Case

3. The Blackbuck Poaching Case

This case had not one or two but as many as 5 Bollywood stars—Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre. According to the reports, these 5 stars had gone to Kankini village near Jodhpur for shooting a film and had killed a blackbuck deer which is considered as a rare species. The charges were framed under Wild Life Protection Act 1972 and have been related to hunting and killing blackbucks for poaching. However, this was blatantly denied by these “great” actors as a result of which the case is still waiting a judgment for the past 15 years. What’s the worth of the life of blackbucks against these great superstars!

The Blackbuck Poaching Case

2. Salman Khan — the Drunken Driver

Well, this “Dabanng” star is known for his bad mouthing and his dark acts as much as his bumper hits. However, one among such array of his stupid acts is the infamous hit and run case where the drunken actor allegedly rammed his Land Cruiser into a bakery, killing one and injuring 4 people in the process. Although he was booked under IPC Section 304 (A) for rash driving, due to lack of witnesses and Khan’s claim that the steering was in the hand of his driver, the case is still pending at the court of law—and it’s more than 8 years’ old now. Well, the twist in this matter is that when the incident happened, 64 people claimed to be witnesses!

Salman Khan - the Drunken Driver

1. Sanjay Dutt’s Alleged Involvement in Mumbai Blast 1993

The most sensational case of all, the Mumbai blast case of 1993 came with a flurry of surprises—one of them being actor Sanjay Dutt’s involvement with it. Although Dutt was cleared of all the charges after 18 months of imprisonment, he was found guilty of possessing a rifle illegally. Well, we wonder who would keep mum and accept all the “wrong” accusations after spending 18 months in the jail!

Sanjay Dutt’s Alleged Involvement in Mumbai Blast 1993