5 Must-Visit Mountainous Places In North-East India

7:00 am 9 Jun, 2014


It’s really wonderful to see the beautiful picturesque destinations that India has to offer, isn’t it? From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Gujarat to Bengal, you can find turbulent seas, mighty Himalayas, gushing waterfalls and dusty deserts in India. However, while deciding on places, we happily forgot or don’t take into consideration the hilly and mountainous region of North Eastern India. To be honest, we’re absolutely unaware that those regions are there to explore. So, with an adventurous streak in mind, we’ve brought to you some of the beautiful and inexplicable places in North-East India which are worth exploring—

5. Mawsynram

Up in the Khasi hills, in Meghalaya, there’s this quaint area that is famous in the world for receiving the highest amount of rainfall in a year! It’s about 15 kilometers from Cherrapunji, and is indeed pleasurable scenery to behold. The wet green mountains, the gushing waterfalls and a misty, cloud-capped weather are what define this beauty.



The highlight of the place is a waterfall, located inside a cave, where you’ll find a massive stalagmite that shaped in the form of a massive Shivling by nature!


4. Phulpui Grave

Phulpui Grave is situated in the rural Mizoram, in Phulpui Village which is about 160 kilometers from the city capital, Aizwal. If you love lush green forests, a mesmerizing weather and….and if you like to take a cold and refreshing bath in waterfalls, well, this is your place to be! Filled with adventure, fun and great experience, you’ll really miss out on something if you don’t visit North East India.

Phulpui GraveIn Bengali, Mon means “heart”. Although we’re not sure whether the Nagas thought alike, still we won’t be wrong to adjudge this place as the heart of Nagaland. Like all the places listed in here, this place is too much renowned for its scenic beauty, but more than that, it is renowned as being the cultural hub of Nagaland. It is here you’ll find the most captivating tribal communities of Nagaland, with headgears, tattooed arms and bodies, and wearing their tribal uniforms. If you’re interested in cultures of different lands, Mon must definitely feature in your Bucket list.

Phulpui Grave

3. Jampui Hill

Towards the eastern border of Tripura, you’ll find the mighty Jampui Hills that rises about 1,000 meters above the sea level. Once you’re atop the hill, you’ll find a heartrending, pristine view of the whole area, but our pick would be the road towards the peak—through the winding roads and among the dense woods!

Jampui HillAgain it’s a must visit place while you’re here—you won’t wanna miss out on your evening tea sitting in the orange orchard, would you?

Jampui Hill

2. Umrangshu

It’s a quaint hilly locale in Assam that offers natural beauty at its best. With lush green valleys and cloudy mountains, you’ll be transferred to a whole new world when in here. The place is actually in the border area of Assam and Meghalaya, and you can reach this place in 4 hours from the Meghalaya capital, Shillong.


The place houses Garam Pani, a hot spring that attracts quite a handful of tourists for its medicinal value, and also for its beauty. The darkest of the dark blue water will welcome you from atop the lush green mountains and dense forest—it is indeed one of the rarest but most beautiful sights to behold. If you’re in Meghalaya or Assam, miss this place at your own risk.


1. Tsomgo Lake

One of the major tourist attractions of Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake lies at an altitude of 12,400 ft. near the Indo-China border, at Nathu La pass. The lake lies on a flat terrain closely surrounded by mountains, which remain frozen throughout the year. If you visit this area during November to April season, you’ll even find the lake completely frozen.

Tsomgo Lake

Skiing is a good option if you’re there, and don’t forget to get on those yaks while there! However, the best thing about this place is, like Kashmir, it is always the “season” time in here. So, come whenever you feel like, and experience the charm of  nature.


Tsomgo Lake

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