5 Interesting Fascinating Facts About The Tulip Festival In Srinagar

8:00 am 7 Apr, 2014


The Tulip Festival, held every year in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is the biggest tulip festival held anywhere India and also in South Asia. Held during the first week of April every year, if you like gardening and love flowers a trip to Srinagar during this time will certainly delight you.

The tulips in exhibition are extremely beautiful and exquisite. Here’s also telling you more fascinating facts associated with the Tulip Festival:

5. It is named after Indira Gandhi

The Srinagar Tulip Festival is the largest Tulip Festival in South Asia, let alone India. And the huge exhibition of flowers is named after the late Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Every year it is organized at the Siraj Bagh Chesmahasahi in Srinagar which is better known as Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden.


It is named after Indira Gandhi

4. Beautiful Flowers Displayed In the Backdrop of the Dal Lake

Fresh blooming tulips, which are the attraction in this festival, are exhibited in a garden which spreads over five hectares of land space. This is located in the foothills of the place known as Zabarmwan which is located in front of the beautiful Dal Lake. You could get a view of both the festival as well as the Dal Lake if you come here. ‘Two’ good, isn’t it?

Beautiful Flowers Displayed In the Backdrop of the Dal Lake

3. More than 70 varieties of colourful tulips

The beautiful tulips come in more than 70 varieties, which include numerous colours and textures of the flower. It is a grand show, which hosts many exotic varieties from various parts of the state. Species not only arrive from India, many of them are brought from countries throughout the world. For instance the new species brought form Holland in the year 2012. Roughly around two million tulips bloom each year to provide to the beauty of the show. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to watch thousands of fresh beautiful flowers in the beginning of summer. They are the favourite of both national and international visitors. Tourists say that it sometimes looks like a beautiful carpet. They are placed in rows, which are arranged according to type or colour.

More than 70 varieties of colourful tulips

2. Other Cultural Activities to Accompany the Tulips

The Tulip Festival in Srinagar was started in the year 2007 with the intention of promoting tourism in the state. Kashmir being a favourite among tourists did attract much more people with the help of this festival. Therefore the authorities decided to arrange other programs along with the flower festival. Since it’s the beginning of spring, many tourists leave for Kashmir, which gets rid of a considerable amount of winter snow at this time. Handicrafts made by local craftsmen and a variety of folk songs and dances get their fair share of business as well as exposure to the outside world. Another favourite is the Kashmiri cuisine which is prepared there and it is a hit with the tourists. It’s also becoming as popular as the tulips in Kashmir.

Other Cultural Activities to Accompany the Tulips

1. A Footfall of More Than a Lakh

Visitors from across the world and nearer home account for the one lakh-plus footfall in the garden at this time of the year. The entry fee for adults is Rs. 50 and for children is Rs. 25. It’s time for you to add to the footfall this year. It usually starts by the 5th of April – so pack your bags to get a wonderful view of fresh colourful tulips at our very own paradise, Kashmir.


A Footfall of More Than a Lakh

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