5 Interesting Facts About Triphala, The Powerful Natural Cleaning Agent Indians Have Known For Millennia

Updated on 2 Aug, 2014 at 1:07 pm


Triphala (tri – three, phala – fruits/ herbs) derives its name from the primeval language of ayurvedic Sanskrit. It connotes three herbal ingredients namely Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Hibitaki (Terminalia belerica). Triphala is a popular traditional ayurvedic medicine, which is blended into a powder composition from the mentioned myrobalans, used in very specific proportions.

As a part of deep rooted traditional medicinal science of ayurveda, Triphala is a miraculous medicated treatment for several health ailments, some of them are listed here. Take a look:

5. Triphala and Its Antioxidant Properties

The ayurvedic formulation of Triphala is such that it comes enriched with valuable antioxidants that can effectively treat a number of pathological problems related to stress and toxicity of the liver. With a balanced composition of three medicinal plants and chosen dry fruits, Triphala is alleged to have anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti allergic properties that help control blood pressure, balance the cholesterol levels and help in improving blood circulation in the body. Besides this, Triphala also has immunomodulatory properties, which promotes good health, longevity and helps develop healthy immune system with improved digestion and assimilation.


Triphala and Its Antioxidant Properties

4. Triphala for Normalizing Nervous Disorders

Triphala is reasoned to have toning and cooling properties, which make the ayurvedic modus operandi a potent medication for people suffering from nervous disorders. Moreover, regular intake of Triphala can enhance the cerebral functioning of the brain with an improved level of concentration and discontinuing the flow of redundant chemicals. Triphala has a direct impinge on our brain and nervous system, and hence the ability to provide relief against headaches and numerous other neural problems. It also stimulates the nervous system and wipes out excessive deposits of lactic acids, which are responsible to produce fatigue and lethargy.

Triphala for Normalizing Nervous Disorders

3. Triphala Is a Wholesome Solution to All Digestive Problems

The herbal composition in Triphala produces a neutralizing effect in the body by reducing the acid levels in the digestive system. It protects the stomach walls from the impact of increased gastric acids and helps in normalizing the digestion process as well as promotes normal appetite. Due to the unmatched anti-oxidizing property possessed by Triphala, the traditional ayurvedic medicine is effectively beneficial in treating obesity due to digestive disorders. As a potent herbal formulation, Triphala is quite valuable for treating diabetes with a stimulated growth of beta cells and proper release of insulin and hormones regulating the blood sugar levels.

Triphala Is a Wholesome Solution to All Digestive Problems

2. Triphala Is Precious Remedy for Cardiac and Respiratory System

Not only in the ancient records of Indian ayurveda, but also in Chinese medicinal accounts, the herbal mixture has been suggested for treating several cardiac and respiratory concerns. Attributable to its spasm releasing properties, Triphala is known for controlling blood circulation in the body and effectively reducing the odds of fluctuating blood pressure. Moreover, Triphala helps in reducing cholesterol levels in body and precisely props up the production of good cholesterol that is vital for proper flow of blood in the arteries. Triphala improves the immune system of the body and reduces the probability of cough or cold from allergic conditions. In addition, intake of Triphala helps get rid of accumulated mucus in the respiratory system and regularizes normal heart rate.

Triphala Is Precious Remedy for Cardiac and Respiratory System

1. Triphala Revitalizes the Body with New Energy

You don’t have to wait for a serious disease to set foot before you can take Triphala. It is an antidote to good health and great energy. It helps in maintaining a healthy urinary tract and the reproductive system too. Triphala is good for increasing the sperm count in men and in women it prevents the occurrence of reproductive diseases such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menses, vaginal dryness and leucorrhea. Recent studies also show that Triphala could be potent in diminishing the chances of cancer. And lastly, it is proven to be good for the skin, vision, and overall growth in children.


Triphala Revitalizes the Body with New Energy