5 Institutions In India Where Foreign Languages Are Taught At Diploma/Degree Level

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Nowadays, if you want to reach higher scales of pay in the corporate world, knowing just a foreign language isn’t much of a help. In fact, if you’ve got just a Bachelor’s degree and want to bag a respectable and a high paying job, then learn a foreign language, excel in it and see you pay scale reaching newer heights every day. Even if you’re an academic, you can explore newer terrains of it by learning and studying a foreign language. The language may be French, German, Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish and so on!

Well, although foreign language specialists are much in demand, if you want to do more than a certificate or advanced course in the same, you’ll find yourself at a loss due to the limited number of institutions available. Hence, for you, we have charted a few institutions where foreign languages are taught at diploma/degree level—

5. University of Calcutta

If you want to study Russian all through from Bachelors level to Masters Level and even more, then this can just be your place. In fact, for those who straightaway want to do a PG course, a special Pre-MA course has been designed for them by the faculty. Besides this, after you’ve done your post graduation in any stream, you can carry on with your love for foreign languages by doing a Diploma in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Pali, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Tibetan and Urdu that are provided by the prestigious University of Calcutta’s Department of Languages. However, for this you’d need a certificate in your area of choice.


University of Calcutta

4. IGNOU School of Foreign Languages

If you want to do a PhD in French or Arabic, then this can just be your place. Besides providing for those distinguished areas of study, they also provide a Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language along with hoards of other certificate courses.

If you are interested, you can just know more by clicking here.

IGNOU School of Foreign Languages

3. Ramakrishna Institute of Culture

Located across India in almost all the cities, Ramakrishna Institute of Culture provides certificate courses as well as senior courses and advanced courses to all the students enrolled. In fact, here you’ll get courses ranging from 6 months (the communicative courses) to those ranging to 4 years. If you opt for the 2nd but cannot go beyond 2 years, at the end of the 2nd year, you’ll get certificates for proficiency (albeit, not the main one!).

Their courses are designed very well and are also pocket friendly. Hence, anyone with a willingness to learn foreign language(s) can do so now!

Ramakrishna Institute of Culture

2. English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

EFLU, Hyderabad provides hoards of professional and degree/diploma courses in numerous foreign languages. From certificate courses in Spanish, Russian, French and so on to diploma, BA and MA courses, the university has it all. They offer MA courses in Russian, Arabic and French languages which are indeed one of its kinds in India. The requirement criteria are different for different courses but you needn’t have a Bachelors degree in the languages per se in order to opt for their Masters courses.

English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

1. The Embassies

If you’ve got some money to spare and (/or) if you want to learn the language from the pros, then there’s no place better than the respective embassies. Almost all the embassies run courses (long and short term) of their languages, and they welcome everyone who has completed a basic level of education. Special language programs are there for kids as well. So, be it for you or for your kid, you can simply go and get the tidbits of the courses known. However, the best thing about these places is that they also design courses for you provided you come in a group of 5 and so on.

The embassies are present almost in all the metropolitan cities of the country.


The Embassies

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