5 Indian Comic Book Heroes Movie Bosses Must Make Films On

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3:00 pm 25 Mar, 2014


Who says we don’t have superheroes of our own? Gone are the days when children used to be glued with superman or a batman. Some great Indian comic book heroes have originated from our land which are not only likeable but are role model for kids.

Let us have a quick look at some of the Indian comic book heroes who will be adored on the 70mm screen.

5. Nagraj

Nagraj, as the name signifies, is a shape shifting superhero that has the ability to release snakes out of his body, shape-shift into any creature or person, hypnotize in a matter of seconds, heal wounds instantaneously and umpteen more powers. Though he started off as a terror weapon by Professor Nagmani, he was soon freed from the evil professor’s control by Baba Gorakhnath. There has been no stop to his courageous acts since then.



4. Doga

Having faced harassment from criminals Suraj adopts an alter ego named Doga, a dog masked hero, who fights crime ruthlessly. He is another popular comic character who has an impressive physical strength and is a one man army. A movie on this character may earn him the tag of an ‘Angry Young Comic Star’.


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3. Super Commando Dhruva

With no super powers, Dhruva is the hero who fights crime with the help of his expertise in acrobatics and martial arts; skills he developed while growing up in a circus. Having witnessed the death of his parents, he pledges to fight crime and terrorism. Being known to have been inspired by Batman, this character may claim an equal fame.


2. Parmanu

He fights crime as Inspector Vinay and as Parmanu (the masked hero). He wears a special suit gifted by his uncle; which transmits atomic rays and a belt that has gadgets which help him reduce to any size. This masala hero has all that takes to be a successful super hero on the big screen.


1. The Sadhu

This comic series from Virgin comics is the first series to have been confirmed for a film adaptation. It is the story of a British soldier who realizes he is a reincarnation of a sage from the ancient era. The Sadhu has quite a different storyline in comparison to the other characters, as it deals primarily deals with his journey to disconnect with his current life with a mix of fantasy and Hindu mythology. I can already visualize it being a huge success when the movie is released.



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