5 Indian Cities That Still Have That Foreign Touch

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:26 pm


Art and architecture were the most significant aspects of the British rule in India. The British put in great many efforts to construct architectural wonders in the form of cities throughout the country.

The architectural design of early British colonies comprised of well designed outlines and charts. The period witnessed a dramatic import of excellent and skilled British architects, who transformed Indian artistic designs into the western models.

Even today their architectural wonders stand tall in various cities of the country. Visiting these cities even to the present day imbibe in you a feel of the bygone era of the foreign rule.

5. Shimla – the Summer Capital of the British

Shimla was the British Summer Capital during the colonial period. The British, during their reign, had established many architectural masterpieces, which are today maintained as heritage monuments in the city.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies


The British structural wonders in Shimla include the Vice Regal Lodge, Railway Board Building, Gorton Castle, Gaiety Theatre, Auckland House, Town Hall, Barnes Court, Challet Day School and Churches. Shimla also is the home for the building called as the North Bank, where the Nobel Laureate writer Rudyard Kipling resided in 1907.



4. Kolkata – the most eventful city of yore

The architectural development in Calcutta, now known as Kolkata, during the British reign in India was overwhelming in every aspect.

British architecture


Once the most eventful city, Kolkata was completely transformed into colonial and westernized place by the British. The Government House and the historical building of St. Paul’s Cathedral are sure to deluge you with the foreign touch in this city.

3. Mumbai – the completely polished city


Mumbai, which was formerly known as Bombay has witnessed significant architectural developments during the British rule in India. The city stands tall today with the neo-classic and regal buildings, while conserving the architectural marvels of the British. The many Churches, town halls and various other structural monuments in Mumbai bear exact semblance with the British England architectural counterparts.

British architecture


We can also rightly say that the British completely metamorphosed Bombay into a polished city as an attempt to imitate Kolkata. Visiting these specific areas of Mumbai will certainly provide you the rich and lavish taste of the long-gone British Empire.

British Buildings



2. Chennai – city with classical feel on every nook

Chennai, formerly known as Madras is another Indian city that carries a foreign touch. The Churches here primarily carry the clean British look, deriving inspiration from their counterpart architectures in London.

Victoria Public Hall


They even got constructed some massive banquet halls in order to celebrate their official evening functions. You are sure to deluge into a classical feel on every nook upon your visit in Chennai as they still have majority of these architectural wonders conserved as heritage buildings.

Fort St. George



1. New Delhi – city with perfect blend of ancient and modern

New Delhi adopted the ideal colonial look as various war memorials were constructed in the honour of the British rulers, along with many gothic architectures and Churches that came into being.

Rashtrapati Bhavan


Seasoned architects were called upon especially from England for the fulfillment of this sole purpose. New Delhi has beautifully conserved these structural wonders to provide us a tinge to the British lifestyle even to this day.