5 Highly Effective Driving Habits Of Idiots On Indian Roads

5:00 pm 6 May, 2014

If you drive on Indian Roads, you’re sure to have experienced a certain amount of frustration and despair, not only because you’ll see cows and buffaloes taking their time to get aside, but because many “idiot drivers,” will greet you at every other corner with some phony driving trick that makes even the most sober people abuse aloud. They’ve simply refused to learn and will barge in from the wrong side to overtake; some of them will steer the car so hard, you never know where it’s going; and some think the road is there home, and have no reverence for traffic signals at all. Let’s take a look at some of the most highly effective driving habits of the so called “idiots” on the Indian roads:

5. My Way-is-the-Right-Way Mentality

We often want to become leaders, who can’t follow any rule at any cost. Driving on a highway or while on a railway crossing, it is common to notice drivers plying on the wrong side of the road. Most will impose their vehicles simultaneously on both sides of the road where only one car can fit at a time, both sides looking desperate to steer clear of the mess that they chose to create!

Driving Habits Of Idiots On Indian Roads

4. Attention Seekers

It is true that we love to be the center of attention everywhere, including roads. Though we know that it is wrong or anti-law to do it, there is something that keeps prompting us to drive on the line that bisects the lane. When the other person driving in front of you does so, you are always confused about which lane he/she is going to pick eventually. What adds to the complication is their tendency to drive slower compared to the determined speed of the lane.

In most such cases, no matter how persistently you honk for a signal, you will go unnoticed and the worse, get provoked to make a mistake. These attention seekers will also behave like this in parking areas, parking their vehicles to dissect the parking marks. Doing so, after all, allows only one vehicle to adjust where there is enough space for two and gets lots of attention from dismayed people!

Driving Habits Of Idiots On Indian Roads

3. Playing Hide and Seek on the Road

It is a common site in almost all major cities in India where people want to drive past quickly ahead of a bus slowing down near a bus stop. Though this can’t be called wrong by any law, still this often leads to fatal consequences to vehicles, drivers and pedestrians alike.

Actually, many hasty commuters are always looking for a chance to cross the road in order to get to the opposite side. It becomes highly dangerous when they run in front of the face of the stopping/stopped bus, without taking enough time to see and ensure that no vehicle is trying to overtake the bus. The worse, neither the bus driver nor the overtaking motorist can do anything worthwhile to prevent a run-over accident in such situations.

Driving Habits Of Idiots On Indian Roads

2. Rush-Hour Nonsense

This category of on-road idiots in India can be easily seen during peak office hours, especially in the morning. When you reach a packed signal that has just shown yellow light from green and slow down at the junction, a rush of bikes and cars honking badly and trying to cross before the light turns red is nothing new. This is when you can witness multiple incidents of vehicles missing side-on collisions by inches. And when they are unable to escape, you get a chance to describe one or more fatal accidents at office or home!

Driving Habits Of Idiots On Indian Roads

1. ‘Me First’ Attitude

It would be completely safe to say that more than half of the Indians who take their vehicles out on the road belong to this category. Right from the moment of hitting the drive-way, one can easily encounter idiots abruptly rushing the proceedings, honking hard, and trying to squeeze their vehicles past yours only to leave you and others behind.

No matter how hard you try to obey the traffic signal, position your car strictly next to the divider and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, some biker will appear any time squeezing his bike amid your vehicle and the divider. On an average, in every second such case, bikers need to put their bikes horizontally between cars on having no space to move further. The same way, some vehicle will always try to break the queue at parking booth or a toll plaza, pretending hurry or ignorance.

Driving Habits Of Idiots On Indian Roads

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