5 Fun Filled Sea Beaches In West Bengal

8:00 am 19 Mar, 2014


West Bengal is a state where lovers of fun and adventure can get all the things they wait to visit. Mountains and valleys – you have them here. Sunny sea beaches – you have them here too. You’ll get to experience the most beautiful scenic views of the mountains and talking about beaches – there are quite a few that can leave your joyous and yearning for more. All of them boast of excellent beaches and luxurious resorts and hotels where you can stay and enjoy the sea sight.

Here is a list of the five most fun filled beaches in West Bengal, which you will love to visit:

5. Digha

This is the beach every Bengali has visited at least twice or thrice in their lifetime if not more. This is, among the rest, the most visited beach in Bengal and the most crowded too. Digha has two sections: Old Digha and New Digha. Old Digha is actually the crowded one, but has beautiful beaches and boulders, which are excellent subjects of photography. New Digha is rather quiet and has many huge resorts. Newly wed couples can choose New Digha because of the privacy it allows. But, the biggest attraction in Digha is the view of the sea, which changes because of the tides. In the mornings it stays at bay from the shores, but as the day passes it comes closer, only to return in the evenings. To reach Digha you just need to board a bus from Kolkata and within 5 hours you be by the sea side. You can also travel by train if you want.


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4. Mandarmani

This is a newly developed tourist spot. Water sports are a huge attraction here. The Bay of Bengal looks amazingly beautiful and blue from here. Since it is not as famous as the others, it is not at all crowded. Most couples spend their honeymoon over here because of the beautiful atmosphere. The hotels are beautiful, you can easily avail a sea-facing room or suite anytime during the year. There are beautiful big resorts that can be booked for family outings. But, you must be careful of quicksand here. Don’t lose your sleep over it since those certain areas are marked for tourists. You can simply take a bus from Kolkata to reach here. It does not take more than a few hours.


3. Shankarpur

This is very close to Digha. Most tourists who visit Digha make it a point to visit Shankarpur before leaving. Shankarpur is a beautiful sea beach. Again, its beauty comes from it being a rather virgin and nascent location. The beaches are extremely clean and you’ll love the early morning sunrise. It is a very pleasant experience – sometimes you don’t need to do too much to attain bliss; just looking at the blue waters is a sight to behold! Have a few days at hand? Visit the beaches in Bengal and experience natural beauty. You can come here by taking a bus from Kolkata, and if you are in Digha a bus will bring you here.


2. Bakkhali

Bakkhali is one of the most unexplored beaches in West Bengal. Most people are unaware of this place due to the tourism department not focusing much on it. But that does not in any way diminish its charm. It is a calm and beautiful beach and the Bay of Bengal looks at peace here. You will get lots of options while choosing your hotel or resort, but pre-booking of hotels is the best idea for the ones who are not acquainted with the place. The resorts are beautiful and some have the look and feel of farm houses with beautiful green trees and bushes. It just takes a bus to reach there and not more than 4 hours.


1. Tajpur

The Tajpur beach is located in the east of Midnapore or Purba Medinipur. A rather virgin location, it is slowly being discovered by tourists and adventurers. A quiet and beautiful beach, it is a wonderful place to relax and spend a rejuvenating weekend. The views are breathtaking and you will often get a glimpse of the red crabs walking around the beach. Take your time to watch the sunrise and the sunset here – something you will cherish for a long time. A bus from Kolkata will take you to Midnapore and another to Tajpur. The journey is not very long. Enjoy a relaxing holiday at the beach.

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