These 5 Friends Will Be There In Every Friends’ Gang Around!

7:00 am 25 Aug, 2014


Friendship is the most wonderful relationship ever. This is because, in its purest form, friendship is not an extension of any genes or “blood”, it is a bond that ties different people solely on the basis on mutual love.

Although we all boast of having great friends, there are stereotypical friends without whom any friends group or circle seems incomplete. Sometimes we feel irritated, sometimes we even shower verbal slangs over them for being the way they are, but, at the end of the day, we simply heart them for being themselves. Well, before it gets any more confusing, let’s take a look at the stereotypical friends who are a part and parcel of every fun-loving and close-knitted gang—

5. The Nerd To Whom Hanging Out Is Akin to Hanging Down

This is the stereotypical nerd to whom books mean the world. Although they would sit with you, share lunch with you, but when it comes to hanging out, it will seem nothing but blasphemous to them. Relationships would not be important to him but, you’ll often find pictures of models and oomphy actresses slammed into their favorite books.


During times of crisis, they will furnish the silliest ideas, but they will be the first ones to come up to you and teach you important class lessons during exams!

Friends Will Be There In Every Friends' Gang Around

4. The Spendthrift Who Survives on Credit

Now, here’s one guy who takes care of all your expenses that sometimes you start worrying about their future. More than often, you’ll find these people spending more on others than his own self, and if you’re his best friend, then you’d always find his mother complaining about all these things to you.

Even if he has no money, you’ll find them buying stuff, probably books from the flea markets, even on credits! And, he won’t ever compromise when it comes to dining—college canteens won’t suit him; he shall always be right there at some good restaurant and eating his daily lunch! And, yes; he shall never be alone. He will always be accompanied by a bunch of “friends” who never have money to pay for anything.

Friends Will Be There In Every Friends' Gang Around

3. The “Uncle Scrooge” of the Gang

Here’s your Uncle Scrooge, who is always engaged in some part time work or the other since college days, but when it comes to spending on some friends’ birthday or during some group lunch, he’ll have none in his pocket.

In fact, more than often, you’ll find him coming to college or gateways with calculated money in his pocket. Needless to say, you’ll find these friends always clinging on to the spendthrift.

Friends Will Be There In Every Friends' Gang Around

2. The Lazy Bards

You may have the tickets for the most exciting concert in town or free tickets to some fantastic water theme park or a plan to watch your friend’s favorite film, but this lazy “bard” friend of yours is never going to tilt from his bench.

He is always dreamy and apparently always stuffed with work, but whenever you see them, you will always find them mourning over some imaginary loss, and penning some absurd phrases oozing out from that loss! Well, he is, in short, simply too complicated to understand; so, you simply wrap them up in whatever slang is known to you, and go away!

Friends Will Be There In Every Friends' Gang Around

1. The Faux Pas Fashionista

That friend may be a girl or a guy, a nice hearted person or an impish being, a good student or a bad, but when it comes to their fashion, they always have to think out of the box and put you all in shame. No matter from where they buy their clothes—it may be from a flea market or from the house of fashion designers—they will end up making the most absurd pairs, but always end up thinking themselves as the statement makers!

No matter how much you try, they will never understand that every party isn’t a go-as-you-like contest! Alas! They are generally the most loveable souls at the end of the day, and you simply cannot help but end up hugging them tight after every fight!


Friends Will Be There In Every Friends' Gang Around

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