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5 Famous Music Festivals In Delhi

Published on 20 December, 2013 at 12:00 pm By

Music washes away the dust of life; it’s an expression for every emotion, be it desire, compassion, love, longing or just wishing and dreaming. It can convey everything that can be felt and thought off in the most melodious way. It’s the universal language that knows no boundaries, no enemies, and no cultures. It just adds to live and makes the pulses beat.


We all love to see bands plugging out live and loud. We all like making those groovy moves to the beats of live bands. Music fests offer amazing experience to hear out our favourite artists and bands play live. They offer a podium to connect and listen to new and old at the same time. On music fests platter, there is something for everyone’s taste and mood.

Listed below are famous music festivals in Delhi.

5. Seven Asian Bands Festival:

This festival goes beyond boundary lines and fences; it gets the best from the sub-continent all on one stage. Is folk music you take? Rock? Traditional? Electronic? or Regional? Name the genre and yes there will be a band or artist presenting it live. Bands from across seven countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, and Korea and very own home country India all come together to perform at the stadium.

The gala event is organised by Ministry Of External Affairs and SEHER.

It is a three day long mega festival. Each day, at least five bands perform. Along with the famous bands, there is also an opportunity to hear some underground bands as well.

5 Famous Music Festivals In Delhi

4. Delhi International Jazz Festival:


This festival has everything that a Jazz lover could ask for. It is organized by Indian Council for Culture Relations (ICCR).

The festival has bands flying in from across the European continent from Poland to Switzerland, Columbia to Israel and across Russia to Africa. Yes it’s purely an international treat of Jazz.

Performance in open, live music and lush green grass, it’s thee ‘wow’ moment for every music lover.

5 Famous Music Festivals In Delhi

3. Bacardi NH7 Weekender:

Love dubstep? Love Blues? Love Metal? Love Indie Folk? Love Rock? Love Trance? Love Reggae? This music festival has it all.

It is the most happiest and awaited music festival.

It’s a loaded music extravaganza weekend fest. Some of the most famed musicians from across the globe come here to perform.

The fest has 7 stages set. One has the free will to hear any band, any artist one wishes too. And the best part of the fest- Beer is on the rocks here, with no cops to stop and check. It is altogether a different world of music lovers.

5 Famous Music Festivals In Delhi

2. Delhi Classical Music Festival:

It’s a five day mega event organised jointly by Delhi Government’s Department of Art, Culture and Languages and Punjabi Academy.

The fest has India’s most soulful classic musicians enthral audiences. It’s an event for those music lovers who enjoy listening to Indian traditional instruments, Jugalbandi and classic vocals.

5 Famous Music Festivals In Delhi

1. Raasrang World Flute Festival:

Flute symbolises love, peace and sound of nature. It holds mythological significance as it is believed that Hindu god Krishna used to play it. To celebrate this instrument which dates back its inception to ancient times, flautist from different parts of the world- Turkey, Germany, Tibet, Brazil and India take part in this event.

It’s a three day event organised by New Delhi based Krishna Prerna Charitable Foundation. The venue is generally, Lotus Temple in Delhi.


5 Famous Music Festivals In Delhi

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