5 Famous Companies That Have Worked For The Nazis

9:01 am 3 Oct, 2013

The thing that amazes me is that some of the known names have been associated with this barbaric race. Yes, Hugo Boss, the great fashion designer made the uniforms for Nazis, which they wore while exterminating people. The great company, Volkswagen, designed a beetle looking car for the Nazis in a perfect budget. Well, you can say the big names did anything to please Hitler. They were least concerned about the havoc he was creating in Germany. All they knew was that the Nazis had money and providing them what they asked for could be truly beneficial for the company. Scroll down to have a look at those five companies that worked for the Nazis. Trust me; you are going to be amazed!

5. Ford:

One of the best automakers of the world, Ford Motor Company was the closest friend to the Nazis. The founder, Henry Ford was himself against the Jews and that made him sponsor himself to the Nazi community. Ford even promoted Nazis through its newspapers by submitting articles in their favor. They wrote everything that was to help Adolf Hitler and his task against the Jews. They even wrote pieces blaming Jews for the World War I. In 1938, Ford was awarded with the ‘Grand Cross of the German Eagle’ award, which was the highest honor given by the Nazis to a foreigner. This automaker company produced one-third of the trucks for the German army, which they used during the war. They were providing Nazi’s with the trucks and all the labor was done by the poor Jews. Think again, are only Nazis to be blamed?


4. Nestle:

Another big brand, Nestle, which is a part of our daily meals, was connected to the National Socialist regime. The company has agreed to the fact that they used forced labor provided to them by the Nazis. They have even paid around $14.5 million because of the suffering they had caused to the Jews at that time. The Nestle Group has admitted that many of their companies, which were in the countries that were controlled by the Nazis, were provided with forced labor. Nestle even funded the Nazi Party of Switzerland in 1939, which got them the contact to supply chocolate to the German Army during the World War II. Well, is it fine to see people suffering as long as you are getting business?


3. Coca-Cola:

Max Keith, the manager of Coca-Cola’s German branch, designed a drink specifically for the Nazis. No matter how unimaginable this may sound but Fanta, the orange based drink was made specially to please the National Socialist regime. It was difficult to import the ingredients used for Cola drink, so the manager thought of making something out of the existing ingredients. Fanta was made available in the German market in 1941 and was supplied to the German Army during the war. Needless to say that by doing this Coca-Cola company would surely have made some very handsome profits. Later on the drink, which turned out to be fantastic was made available in the world market too.


2. BMW:

Formed in 1916, Bayerische Motoren Werke, known as BMW is a German based automobile company. Well, being German doesn’t give them a right to support the Nazis though. This very famous corporation has admitted to use of the forced labor provided to them by the National Socialist regime. The slave laborers provided to them were used to produce engines for the Luftwaffe. BMW also admits to the fact that they provided all the war machinery like aircrafts and motorcycles to the Nazis during the World War II.


1. General Electric:

General Electric, known as GE is the biggest company to blame for supporting the Nazis. In collaboration with a German firm, Krupp, they deliberately increased the price of tungsten carbide, which was a necessary element to defeat the Nazis in the war. This hampered the war effort and increased the cost of war as well. In 1946 they were fined for $36,000 by the US government for this. GE also had shares in Siemens, which had forced labor to make the gas chambers for killing the Jews.

General Electric

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