5 Facts You Should Know About Ram V Sutar

11:00 pm 20 Aug, 2014


When we look at an engagingly crafted sculpture, we inevitably speak words admiring its elegance and grace, but not a word for the artist who bestowed life into bronze.

Ram V Sutar is an ingenious professional sculptor from Maharashtra and has crafted more than 200 distinctive statutes that makes our nation proud of his talent.

Unquestionably, Ram V Sutar is the most artistic sculptor of the modern era, but there’s nothing much people know about this stone carving genius. However, in the following paragraphs we will try summing up his life of struggle, recognition and accomplishments.

5. Ram V Sutar Was the Son of Carpenter

Born in Gondur village of Maharashtra, Ram’s father was a carpenter and he grew up in a poor household.

However, Ram V Sutar was encouraged to join Sir J.J. School of Art in Bombay, by his teacher Shri Shriram Krishna Joshi. Consequently, Ram won the Mayo Gold medal for topping his batch and later was selected for restoration of ancient sculptures in Ajanta.

In 1959, Ram worked as a Technical Assistant for the Exhibition Division of Audiovisual Publicity, Ministry of I&B,New Delhi, but left the job to become as professional sculptor in less than a year.

Facts You Should Know About Ram V Sutar

4. From His First To His Most Marvelous Works

Ram had to wait for some time before achieving success in sculpturing, but when it came, he knew that there was no looking back.

His first work was a beautiful 45 feet sculpture of Mother Chambal with her two sons at Gandhi Sagar Dam in Madhya Pradesh. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the chief guest at the opening was so impressed to see the Mother Chambal’s sculpture that he asked Mr. Sutar to create a replica of his magical work for the Bhakra Dam.

Although, his work is a signature of brilliance, the bust of Mahatma Gandhi is classified as his most valued master piece. The work is so admirable that the Indian government presented copies of this sculpture to nations like England, Russia, France, Italy, Argentina and Barbados.


Facts You Should Know About Ram V Sutar

3. An insightful visit to his Ram V Sutar’s Studio

With more than 55 years of professional career as a sculptor, Ram V Sutarand his son presently own a company studio in Noida. The studio is a perfect assemblage of various personalities that are carved in beautiful figures and you find here carvings in almost every possible size.

Recently,Ram V Sutarturned 89 and he is still a determined artist and hardly takes a day off from work. Besides, nearly three years ago, the artist had 250 sculptures in his studio and casted about 5 tons of bronze every day. Even at this age, Ram V Sutarhas an incomparable productivity and there’s certainly no match to his artistic genius.

Facts You Should Know About Ram V Sutar

2. Acknowledging The Sculpturing Genius And His Dedicated Life

With time, Ram matured as an artist and his works became more elegant as he earned fame from all corners of world. However, it took a long time for the sculpturing to get his hands on a prestigious award from the Indian government.

In 1999, Ram V Sutar was bestowed with Padmashree Award as tribute to his 40 years of career and more than 50 remarkable sculpturing works.

Besides Padmashree, Ram V Sutar has several awards and titles to his name. Honored by Sahitya Kala Parishad New Delhi, Prizes from Bombay Arts Society and award from All India Fine Arts and Craft Society New Delhi are some outstanding achievements of Ram V Sutar’s career.

Facts You Should Know About Ram V Sutar

1. Number One Sculptor Candidate For The World’s Largest Statue

In 2014, the new Indian government approved a mammoth budget of $33 million for Sardar Patel statute in Gujarat, and speculations for selecting Ram V Sutaras the number one contender became strong. But, because the statue is going to serve as national icon, there must be no match of this artistic work, the sculptor undertaking the project was obvious to be a sure genius.

With all such awards, honors and brilliant works, Ram V Sutar is surely the name that the nation wants to see working on this bronze wonder called the Statue of Unity.

Facts You Should Know About Ram V Sutar