5 Easy Ways To Help Your Kids Create Mnemonics And Watch Them Score In Exams

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Parents get sleepless nights when their child’s grades start falling. Most successful students attribute their success to great memory retention capacity. Parents needs not despair; you can come to the rescue of your child by teaching him mnemonic memorizing techniques. In very simple words these techniques helps the child make a connection between what he already knows and what he needs to remember. In just one evening you can gift your child a unique method to remember facts, figures and anything worth remembering. The results will come soon and in the form of better academic results and a child high in confidence. Have a look at how mnemonics can help a child.

1. My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas- PLANETS

If your child can never remember the names of the planets, you just served them to him as pizza topping. He will never ever forget their names now.  This method is taught using Acronyms. Let the child create his own goofy versions and make it a fun quality activity. Let him pick the first letter of the series of words and make a funny word from them. The most famous acronyms are-

  • SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus).
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
  • AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).


2. Super Man Helps Every One – FIVE GREAT LAKES

The second method that is used to teach Mnemonics is Acrostics. Just pick the first letter of a word series and make a sentence from that. A good example this is used in the biology class-


Kevin’s Poor Cow Only Feels Good Sometimes.

King Phillip Cried Out For Good Soup.

Order of Taxonomy in biology is –  Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.


3. I Propose Men Are Toads- PHASES OF MITOSIS

The third method of teaching mnemonics to your child is with the help of Keywords. If the child is having trouble learning a word, juts pick a word that sounds similar and make a sentence of it. Be sure to include the keyword and the meaning that he is trying to remember. If an illustration is added to this sentence, be assured that the child will not forget it ever.

  • Never believe a lie.
  • Dara checked the calendar every day.
  • Eileen found her e’s in the cemetery.
  • Emma faced a dilemma.
  • It’s hard to embarrass really righteous and serious students.
  • A new environment will iron me out.

I Propose Men Are Toads- PHASES OF MITOSIS

4. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally- MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION

If you’re wondering that why aren’t they taught in school since they are so effective, well that’s a good question? Find the best one that suits your child and help them learn it. The basic aim of Mnemonics is to translate information into an easily recognizable form for the brain. Studies have proven that the artificial memory of a human being can be trained and developed using these mnemonic techniques.

  • A cool math trick, that only works with numbers ending with 5, especially when it has to be squared. It is a sure shot formula for numbers as high as having 5 digits.

For example-


Take 4 and multiply it with 5, the next higher number.

Now add 25 to it  and you have your answer- 2025.

Try it with 115×115.

Take 11 multiply it with 12 and add 25 at the end.

The answer is – 13225.

 Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally- MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION

5. Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity- MNEMONIC

In this type of teaching the information is remembered by connecting it to an image or a picture. This method is very successful for children who are just learning to spell or stepping into the world of Sciences.

  • The direction of Longitude and Latitude is easier to remember if you can visually imagine a globe with lines running from North to South or East to West on it.
  • There is a N in Longitude the same as N for North. There is no N in Latitude and they run from east to west.
  • Foul vs Fowl- the latter will not be confused with the former, when the f is removed. You get owl which is a bird.


 Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity- MNEMONIC

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