5 Definitive Reasons Why Mothers Should Pursue A Career

Updated on 15 Oct, 2014 at 12:59 pm


Women have been given the role of caretakers and home-makers by society, the concept that was strengthened by religion. But, since time immemorial we have seen women who have pursued careers, not giving up on their families in the process. When society has opposed women choosing careers, it has always been a career of power and not menial jobs. From time immemorial, women have pursued careers as domestic helps, prostitutes, midwives, caretakers of babies, farmers, milkmaids and many more to help society and contribute to the family income.  It was only when women started earning serious income and started pursuing serious careers that questions were raised as to whether it is right for women to pursue a career. Is the patriarchal society being threatened by the new financially independent woman?

Women can manage a career and be successful as mothers at the same time. Forbes has come up with a list for most powerful moms in the world including women like Indira Nooyi who manage billions, business and children with equal ease. Ranked 3rd on Forbes list of 20 most powerful moms, Indra Nooyi chairman and chief of PepsiCo and mom of two, says if her kids call in the middle of a meeting, she takes the call, but that has not stopped her being successful as a career woman. Inspired by these successful moms, let us have a look at 5 definitive reasons why mothers should pursue a career.

5. Bringing up independent children

Mollycoddling is one of the worst things a mom can do to make her children dependent. A working woman will make her children independent, as she has to organize her time. She will naturally train her children to do their chores independently and also to take care of themselves in her absence. They turn out to be more responsible since it is necessary for the home situation and they are not spoon fed everything. They are emotionally strong enough to lend support to their mom when she requires it. They take pride in being contributors to the home and family in their own way, which increases their confidence.


Bringing up independent children

4. Quality time

Working moms know that they do not get to spend all the time with their children; hence, they make up for the quantity by quality. Many stay at home moms do not pay attention to the quality of the time they spend with their children at all. Research has shown that spending quality time with children is more important than the quantity. Working moms make holidays count for their children, making it a memorable period for the whole family.

Quality time

3. Positive family dynamics

The family dynamics where moms pursue career is different from those where the moms stay at home. The family expects the stay at home mom to take care of all their needs since the children have school/college work, the elder family members are not fit enough to work and dad is busy earning. Children in such home situation grow up expecting women to cater to all their needs. In the home of a working mom, dads lend helping hand in household work, thus creating an image of equality for genders in their children’s mind. The children when they grow up have no problem lending helping hand to their family. Hence, the whole family works as a single unit.

Positive family dynamics

2. Countering loneliness

It begins with ‘the baby needs mom’ but ends with moms needing their babies, and unfortunately, the grown up babies have no time for moms anymore. Most of the stay home moms go through empty nest syndrome once their children take off in pursuit of their own lives and careers. Working moms have a life of their own, hence they build a healthy relationship with their children, where being physically present is not always a requirement for connecting. It feels good to be in the company of adults with whom she can share good camaraderie. A working mom has good social connections and she stays proactively connected with her friends. Hence, she does not has to fear loneliness at any phase in her life.

Countering loneliness

1. Happy mom = happy home

We cannot forget that a mom is also an individual with her own choices, preferences and ambitions. Just being a mother doesn’t mean she is not a person she used to be before her baby was born. It has been observed that stay-at-home mothers report more sadness, anger, and episodes of diagnosed depression than their employed counterparts. A mom who pursues her career with passion creates financial independency for herself, nurtures her self- esteem, and not to let skills and talents lay to waste. If a woman gives up everything for her family, she may end up being resentful and also have tough time to let go off her children when they try to create an identity of their own. The family is financially better off with working mom brining her own share, and the children have a good role model to look up to. A happy mom with a career of her own has a happy home.


Happy mom = happy home

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