5 Craziest Deaths Caused By Social Media

8:59 am 18 Jun, 2013

After our entire searching towards the craziest death of humans caused due to social media networking, here we land up with some of our interesting results that you would love to read and gain experience with it. In this technology world there are still some nuggets who use this media networking to play stupid pranks or by posting wrong status which can disturb others life and can turn them into ridiculous deadly turns. Enjoy:-

5. Teen Gang Plans Public Murder On Facebook Chat:

A teenage gang made a strategy and planned online to killed a 15 year old Sofyen Belamouadden. This gang concluded the plan to hack sofyen while there were many people who were watching this. They chased sofyen before punching him to death

Craziest Deaths Caused By Social Media


4. Ex-Girlfriend Gets Murderous Over MySpace Photos:

After reading this article do think about showing off your new relationship before making it public on internet. 18 year old girl named Sarah Ludemann was killed by kitchen knife by Rachel Wade. Sarah was posting her pictures with a guy name josh and it later result out to be a dealiest murder out of jealousy and online battle.

Craziest Deaths Caused By Social Media


3. Dad Murders Ex-Wife to Stop Her Child Support FB Posts:

A guy named Adam was frustated from his x wife Lisa and her attacking facebook post out of her anger about his child support payments. He burst out of this and became aggressive and beat out the shit using hammer and did every painful act to her x wife lisa and left her body which was discovered the next day.

Craziest Deaths Caused By Social Media

2. Man Tweets About Killing His BFF:

Two childhood friends Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy both aged 22 were best mates before the arrival of one girl which made these two buddies fall for her. They exchanged heated arguments in twitter for somedays because of this girl and due to the impact one of the friend shot down his best friend and tweeting immediately after that ” RIP Kwame “.

Craziest Deaths Caused By Social Media

1. Wife Killed For Changing FB Status to Single:

Adults are also not running behind to behave like a child in relationships. This is one of the cyber murder crime that happened out of jealousy. Sarah 26 just decided to change her relationship status into single one day from married relationship and due to this her husband got pissed off taking this out as a big deal in his life which lead to this crazy brutal murder.

5 craziest deaths caused by social media

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