5 Coolest Accessories For Your Car

11:29 am 7 Jun, 2013

When you are heading down the internet while searching for your car accessories make sure you should not miss this 5 coolest Accessories that we have put for our valuable viewers.There is a huge collection of car accessories in market but we have provide you the best running accessories in the market given below,have a look :-

5. The HD  Touch Screen GPS  Navigator:

  • FM transmitter
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Direct access to its WIN CE
  • 800 x 480 screen resolution
  • Touch screen and DVD player
  • Free 2GB TF/microSD Card
  • Runs most GPS software and maps
  • Handles most popular video and audio formats
  • eBook Reader

Find your way on the road with the help of this coolest gadget. It offers the best and clear driving direction .

accessories for car

4. Super Universal Car Mount:

It allows you to store your Phone in your car in a number of different ways. The holder is designed so that it can be adjusted to suit you into a position most comfortable for you. It concede you to easily position the Phone in optimal positions for both portrait and horizontal orientations so you can view it safely and legally when driving. The quality of the design and materials ensures that when the phone is in the holder, the joint does not move under the weight of the phone or when the car is in motion.

accessories for car


3. Solar Car Charger:

These are small solar panels that are 4 watts and less. Ranging  from units with stands, mountable units, and panels that plug into car cigarette lighters, all are small and designed to maintain batteries that have no load. They are not meant to re-charge drained batteries. Recommended uses include long-term car, power-sports, and marine starting battery maintenance.


accessories for car



2. Auto Paint Pen:

Its an auto scratch remover paint pen that will help you to maintain your car thoroughly. Very professional which comes with 12 ml brush paint to sustain the shine of your car.


accessories for car


1. Anti-Slip Mat:

Its one of the best safety equipment, high quality and cheap with no slip pads quality for your phone and it is one of the coolest interior decorations for your car.

accessories for car


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