5 Best Indian Brands That Make Leather Jackets

5:00 pm 12 Mar, 2014

No matter how old we are, we all go through that phase when we simply fall head-over-heels in love with good ol’ leather jackets. Frankly speaking, leather jackets are one ensemble which serves myriad purposes—you can wear a leather jacket and be done with it even in freezing temperatures, you can raise the temperature of a party with those studded leather jackets, or you can even spend an easy day out in your favorite rugged biker jacket. However, we always tend to go for those high-end brands with the leather jackets, but there are a few Indian brands too who make great leather jackets as well. Let’s look at a few of them—

5. Leder Land: The Leather Store

Based in Kolkata, the Leder Land has slowly but steadily it is grabbed the limelight in Bengal for being one of the biggest and most fashionable manufacturers of leather bags—with leather jackets being one of them. From biker and racer leather jackets in hues of bark brown, grey, black and even red, to decent formal jackets and leather trench coats, you get everything you want in here. Even the prices are within the vicinity of mid-income groups—the prices start at Rs.3000 bucks and go on to 10,000 grand and above for a full leather trench coat. You will also get a great array of jackets for women and kids as well.

Leder Land: The Leather Store

4. Charma Shilpa

A Government of India intiative, Charma Shilpa is located in all the main hubs of India and is known for their quality leather and inexpensive prices. Their leather jackets and other leather products are quite famous in India among the middle income group people who strive for better quality products at easy prices. They are known for their simpler cuts and classic designs, and if you’re looking for studded and chic jackets, this is not gonna be your love bud! And, since this is Government organization, please steer clear from visiting this place on Sundays, the second half of Saturdays and on public holidays—you’ll have to get back home empty handed!

Charma Shilpa

3. Ocean Overseas Export

Founded in 1972, Ocean Overseas Export is one of the leading and few companies to export leather products from India. Since they export products to the leading companies, you are sure to set your hands upon some of the coolest and brilliant jackets at their showroom. From small sized kids and women jackets to large men jackets, you will get an array of styles and sizes to choose from. Although their head quarters in located in the leather tannery of India, Kolkata, you can get your stuff ordered through their websites too. Just send an email with the codes of the products, and get to know more about your orders. And, since they are the wholesalers, you are sure to be shocked by their inexpensive rates!

Ocean Overseas Export

2. Ramjee Leather and Supplies, Tamil Nadu

Ramjee Leather and Supplies is yet another manufacturer of leather products in India who are also much renowned as the leading exporter of leather goods. You have not only got a variety of en vogue leather jackets to choose from among a myriad sizes, styles and patterns, but you will also get leather skirts, stockings, waist coats and even trousers at their showroom. However, they excel in making racer and biker jackets, and if you happen to be in Chennai, you must grab one! Their prices are really inexpensive (much cheaper than the foreign brands which sell similar products) due to their “wholeseller” tag.

Ramjee Leather and Supplies, Tamil Nadu

1. Sreeleathers

One of the foremost leather products manufacturing company in India, Sreeleathers is based in Kolkata and have their outlets in all the major centers around India. Among the hoards of leather products that they sell, they are specifically known for their garments and accessories with jackets being the foremost of them all; and, with Sreeleathers around, you never have to think twice about the quality!



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