5 Best Cardiac Hospitals In India For Heart Patients

11:39 am 21 Jan, 2014


This twenty-first century is really ironic in many ways — on one hand, it assures us health by providing innumerable technical ways of gaining good health, while on the other, it falsifies those tall claims by introducing more and more packaged foods and fast food corners to us.

On top of this, we fallen beings are damned by the eternal dilemmas associated with modern lives and societies. As a result of all these, India has become the top country in the world that records the most heart attack cases among people in the age group 35 and above. This list will inform you about the best Cardiac hospitals in India where you can have top heart surgeons by your side:

5. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi

Formerly known as the Escorts Heart Institute, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute lies in the heart of New Delhi, at the Okhla Road. Established in 1988, this hospital has been providing world-class treatment and best amenities in cardiac care for the past 26 years.


Presently, they have 310 beds, 5 cath labs and 9 operation theatres along with a round the clock expert emergency service unit.

This institute specializes in cardiac care, pediatric care and critical care along with a host of other units like neurology, gynecology, physiotherapy, etc. Their well-equipped cardiology cath labs offer diagnostic catheterization of the heart chambers, aorta, valves, coronary atteries, pulmonary circulation and peripheral angioplasties among a host of other treatments.

They are also quite famous for the pediatric cardiology which helps in the detection of heart issues in children.

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi - Best Cardiac Hospitals In India For Heart Patients

4. Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore

One of India’s largest multi-speciality hospital chains, Narayana Hrudalaya also features among the one of the most economic hospitals in the subcontinent.

Among all the branches, the cardiac unit of the Bangalore branch ranks as one of world’s best heart institutes.

With a total of 5000 beds, the hospital offers multiple areas of specialty like cardiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, electrophysiology and pacing, non invasive cardiology and interventional cardiology. They have a renowned electro physiology unit for treating arrhythmia which constitutes around 10-15% heart diseases.

The hospital is backed by a team of expert doctors and surgeons who provide world class treatment at most exclusive rates. It’s a hospital for everyone!

Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore - Best Cardiac Hospitals In India For Heart Patients

3. Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai

Located in Bandra and established in 2002, Asian Heart Institute, in such a short span of time, qualifies as one of the best cardiac institutes in the country.

The hospital has even been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 JCI & NIAHO for their excellence in treatment and providing world class services to the patients.

Their Children Heart Centre too has been certified an ISO 9001:2000 accreditation for their brilliant pediatric care. The institute’s specialties involve robot assisted surgery, cardiac surgery, cardiology, coronary artery bypass surgery, pediatric heart centre and preventive cardiology and rehabitilation. This institute is also recognized as one of the cheapest institutes in the city.

In fact, they are the ones to introduce robotic surgery for the first time in Mumbai with daVinci si surgerical system with stimulator—inarguably one of the best and most advanced robotic surgery equipment in the world!

Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai - Best Cardiac Hospitals In India For Heart Patients

2. B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata

Located in the Mukundapur, Kolkata, B.M Birla Heart Institute is India’s first NABH accredited hospital which has been certified by ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and even NABL for their dedicated care and commitment towards the cardiac patients.

The hospital is a super specialty centre that is equipped with A-class facilities like cardiac surgery, cardiology, well equipped cardiac catheterization lab, nuclear medicine diagnosis, invasive diagnosis and pediatric cardiac care among host of other facilities. It’s a hospital with multifarious state of art facilities for quick recovery.

B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata - Best Cardiac Hospitals In India For Heart Patients

1. Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum

This multi disciplinary, super specialty hospital is recognized as one of Asia’s leading hospitals in cardiac care. This 600 bedded hospital provides world class treatment and facilities to everyone at quite inexpensive rates.


Among the other facilities, this hospital is also famous for its 2D and 4D Echocardiography, Trans Thoracic Echocardiography, Holter Monitering and Dobutamine Stress Echo. With is technologically advanced instruments and a brilliant team, KIMS ranks as the numero uno in the list of best cardiac hospitals in India.

Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum - Best Cardiac Hospitals In India For Heart Patients

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