5 Areas India May Be Better Than Developed Countries

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:13 pm


India’s scope to become a major superpower has always been burdened with our intensifying population and unbalanced allocation of power resources. Some even hold the vibrant economic pattern and defensive attitude of India responsible for the growth delay. However, the facts are certainly challenged with the striking augmentation India has accomplished in the past three decades. Even being in its materializing phase, India has established itself as a potential candidate to look out for in the approaching times. In the intervening time between advancement and developing phases, India is far too superior to many developed countries in the following sectors. Check them out:

5. We Have the Finest Autonomous Remote Sensing Technology

In a relatively shorter span of time, the Indian Remote Sensing satellites been developed for space technology have endowed the world with many exceptional remote sensing services in the recent times. The Indian Remote Sensing technology is presently the largest self reliant remote sensing technology programs in the world. With 12 operational satellites effectively operational for civilian use, IRS is also the largest constellation of remote sensing satellites in the modern world. Focused on the developing prospects of emerging India, most of the programs by IRS are used for survey and management of natural resources. The organization presently has ten more independent satellite programs lined up and will secure their orbital positions by 2016.

We Have the Finest Autonomous Remote Sensing Technology

4. Most Promising Nuclear Assets and Competence

Ranked among the top nuclear powers in the world, India has the most promising nuclear assets and competence to become the most flourishing name in future. Due to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, India was for the most part debarred from deals in nuclear materials for more than three decades. However, this gave India the ascendancy to develop a nuclear fuel cycle from its reserves of thorium, which is primarily found in abundance in all eastern costal states. The proposal is set to mark the beginning for a new nuclear age and India expects to have 14,600 MWe nuclear power output by 2020 and go beyond 25% of world’s total production by 2050.

Most Promising Nuclear Assets and Competence                

3. An Ingrained Prosperity Of Literature And Rich Heritage Of Knowledge   


India has been the adobe to one of the oldest civilizations. The Vedic literature is regarded as the foundation to religious studies, science, medicine, politics, economics and art. Similarly, Sanskrit is the most ancient and perfect language that accounts the pedestal for all modern languages. From the spiritual science of yoga to the medicinal knowledge of Ayurveda, India has been the flourishing terrain for studies and scholars from centuries. It was valuable zero from Aryabhatta, the genius who redefined the mathematical studies and some traditional wisdom from Bhagwat Geeta that transformed a lawyer from Gujarat to a Mahatma.

An Ingrained Prosperity Of Literature And Rich Heritage Of Knowledge

2. Abundance Of Human Resources With Intellect And Brilliance

Everyone observes India as the second populated country in the world. But a very few know that by 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world. On the other hand, China the potential rival in development will have 65% of their population as aging workforce. This clearly means that the future holds a dynamic transformation and a great potential for the Indian economy. As a matter of fact, India will leap from the 3rd largest pool of doctors and engineers to number one in duration of less than ten years. Indians are renowned for their intellect, brilliance and hard working spirit and the time is certainly approaching when this massive youth force will turn their efforts in a revolution.

Abundance Of Human Resources With Intellect And Brilliance

1. The Emerging Indian Market Is The Potential Target For World Economy

The most vital fact that distinguishes India on the world map is that the market in here has the biggest long-term prospective on the planet. From aviation to automobile and from IT services to agriculture, India has an untapped potential that lures investors from all corners of the world. Among its league of developing countries, India has outclassed several rivals with a steady economy and advanced regulatory measures. India has already displaced Japan and become the third largest economy in the world. Indian market offers high prospects for earning and investment in all business sectors.

The Emerging Indian Market Is The Potential Target For World Economy