5 Of The Most Amazing RAW (Indian Spy Agency) Operations

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:37 pm


While growing up, there comes a time in everyone’s life when we remain hooked to the detective or spy novels and series. In fact, many of us even dream of becoming a secret agent or a detective or a spy when we “grow up”. Now, although we are quite quick in finishing off all the books in our bookshelves, little do we know about actual spy operations. So, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing operations of Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) that are bound to tickle our grey matter—

5. Operation Leech

This is a name of an infamous armed operation done at the Indo-Myanmar border in 1998. As one of the major forces in South Asia, India has always donned the garb of the big brother and tried to promote democracy and brotherhood among its neighborhs. In one such instance, RAW tried to bring together all the Burmese rebel groups together, especially the Kiachin Independence Army, and allowed them to carry “jade” (a precious stone) trade through the Indian Territory and even supplied them with weapons to this effect. However, KIA became a major source of weapons to the North-Eastern rebel groups in India as a result of which RAW had to initiate Operation Leech along with Indian Army and the paramilitary forces and put an end to the traitor called KIA. RAW, through this operation, was able to kill 6 top Burmese RAW-trained traitor leaders and arrested 34 Arakanese “soldiers,” thereby put an end to this illegal dealing. 5 Of The Most Amazing RAW (Indian Spy Agency) Operations

4. The Snatch Operations

This sensational news made it to the headlines in 2009 with the investigative journal, The Week, running a cover story on the same. In this case, RAW had teamed up with the Investigative Bureau under the Indian Government to get hold of terrorists insinuating the Indian Territory through neighboring countries of Nepal, Bhutan, etc. Once caught hold of, these terrorists are “interrogated” by the RAW and IB agents and then produced before the court of law. According to the investigation of The Week, more than 400 such victorious Snatch Operations conducted by RAW and the IB together in countries, like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Among such terrorists were Lashkar militants, Tariq Mehmood and Sheikh Abdul Khwaja, one of the conspirators of the 26/11 Mumbai massacre. 5 Of The Most Amazing RAW (Indian Spy Agency) Operations

3. The Smiling Buddha


Generally known for their operations outside India, this was the first instance where RAW was bestowed with duties inside India. This operation was in relation to the nuclear program of India, and it was RAW’s task to maintain its security and secrecy until 18th May 1974 when India detonated a 15 kiloton nuclear device at Pokhran, thereby gaining the valuable membership of the nuclear club. It was one of the most remarkable achievements of India as all the intelligent agencies of the world had remained in oblivious to this matter until it actually took place—and needless to say, took the whole world by surprise. And, for all these, the credit goes to the great Indian scientists and RAW. 5 Of The Most Amazing RAW (Indian Spy Agency) Operations

2. Operation Sikkim

Sikkim is a quaint little hilly state amidst the vast Himalayan range and it is bordered by foreign countries like Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. Well, till 1975, this state was ruled by a Maharaja who was, however, recognized by the Indian Government as a “Dharma Raja” or Chogyal. In spite of this, however, in 1972, the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi ordered RAW to undertake and establish a pro-Indian democratic Government therein. The efficient RAW was able to solve this uphill task in a period less than a year; and, on 26th April, 1975, the state was recognized as the 22nd state of the Indian Union. 5 Of The Most Amazing RAW (Indian Spy Agency) Operations

1. Operation Chanakya

This was operative in Jammu and Kashmir where, by limiting all the ISI-backed Kashimiri rebellious groups, RAW had tried to secure peace in the Kashmir Valley. To this effect, RAW had tried to form a coalition of all separatist groups in Kashmir and started to train and fund them anew—thus weakening their contacts with the infamous ISI. It was due to this effort that a lot of pro-Indian groups, like Muslim Muhajideen, emerged in Kashmir. 5 Of The Most Amazing RAW (Indian Spy Agency) Operations