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5 Amazing Benefits Of The Miniscule Cumin Capsules (Zeera)

Updated on 25 December, 2015 at 5:00 pm By

When Vasco da Gama steered his ship to the divine terrains of the Indian subcontinent, he surely didn’t expect to gift the world with the precious treasures of Indian spices. Among the various species of flavors found in the spice treasure, cumin is one aromatic zing that has a distinctive strong essence and aroma as esteem to its name.


Cumin seeds belong to the Umbelliferae plant family and are renowned as an excellent source of more than 80 valuable nutrients that makes up for several health benefits.  Apart from the common usage as a cooking ingredient, cumin seeds are deemed to have both medicinal and cosmetic properties. So, in order to know more about the much prized spice category, let’s illustrate the various amazing benefits of cumin in the following paragraphs.

5. Perfect Treatment for Hair Loss and Dandruff

Cumin seeds, especially the black ones with long lustrous manes are considered as an excellent natural remedy for hair fall concerns such as baldness, thinning or falling hair follicles. A mixture of black cumin seeds and olive oil in equal proportions if applied on the scalp, not only de-stresses, but also helps eliminate the threat by promoting the growth of new hair. Besides this, if the hair length is deficient and the hair looks dull and lifeless, massaging the scalp with a mixture of olive oil, and paste of boiled and crushed cumin seeds and raw egg yolk can show prominent changes in a matter of weeks. Additionally, cumin seeds are a rich source of stimulating oil extract with antioxidant and diuretic properties that significantly lowers the disquiets of dandruff.

Perfect Treatment for Hair Loss and Dandruff

4. Valuable Health Benefits of Cumin

Good things come is small packages and cumin seeds are perfectly the best illustration to the phrase. Cumin seeds are rich source of iron that is essentially required by the cells in the body to carry oxygen rich blood controlling the hemoglobin content and thus protecting against the possibility of anemia. In addition to this, cumin seeds have anti-oxidant characteristics, which enhance immunity of the body and saves from harm of free radicals and other mediators that can result in asthma or other respiratory problems. Due to the rich contents of vitamin C and anti-carcinogenic agent like thymoquinone, dithymoquinone, and thymol, cumin seeds are helpful in treating cold, kidney problems and initial stages of colon and cancer.

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Valuable Health Benefits of Cumin

3. Powerful Natural Remedy for All Skin Problems


A fact that mostly goes ignored is the richness of vitamin E and essential oils these tiny cumin seeds have and how they can protect the skin from several infections and skin problems. These vitamin E rich cumin capsules help in keeping the skin free from several skin disorders like pimples, eczema, psoriasis and microbial infections. As a good disinfectant and detoxifying agent, cumin seeds make up as essential component of skin creams and face washes, cleaning the skin membrane perfectly for a healthy glowing skin top. With different sorts of essential skin oils, cumin seeds help in controlling pre-mature ageing symptoms and provides the skin with a beautifully radiant texture. Moreover, cumin seeds can also used as a remedy for concerns like boils itchiness, body heat and burning sensation on hands or soles.

Powerful Natural Remedy for All Skin Problems

2. Cumin Improve Digestion

Cumin seeds contain essential enzymes that help to breakdown food quickly allowing the body to have an increased metabolism. With benefiting anti-carcinogenic properties, cumin seeds are judged as natural remedy for diminishing the risk of stomach and liver tumors in humans. Affluent with antioxidant content, cumin seeds stimulate the development of pancreatic enzymes, which is also beneficial for diabetic patients as an anti-diabetic drug. Moreover, regular intake of cumin seeds in foodstuffs prevents excessive weight loss or gain and increases bone density and bone microarchitecture. Jaljeera, the popular summer drink in India, is similar to lemonade and is served as an appetizer and a drink to pep up the taste buds.

Cumin Improve Digestion

1. Adds Special Flavor and Aroma to Food       

Cumin seeds are certainly the most essential ingredient for almost every recipe in an Indian kitchen. The nutty, spicy flavor that it adds to the food is just mesmerizing and thus forms a key component for curries and different cuisines from India, Middle Eastern countries and Mexico. Likewise, cumin seeds are also used to season rice, adding more aroma and flavor to the food. Besides using the seeds for seasoning curry or rice, cumin seeds can also be used in preparing chicken and spicing up fish pallets. Even tea prepared with cumin seeds attests as a warming and soothing drink that revitalizes the body instantly and works as a quick stress reliever. Thanks to the valuable health benefits and distinctive aroma cumin has, seeds are a common ingredient for soups, barbecue sauces, pickling and curries.



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