5 Alternative Career Options For Rahul Gandhi

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Updated on 22 Apr, 2014 at 11:00 am


This post is not intended to in any way tarnish the image of the face of Indian National Congress, as opinions are not imposed but only formed as a result of one’s intellect and perception. However, if you are in anyway related with politics and feel deeply offended with this content, we request you to have a stronger heart.

Having set a context to the disclaimer, we can go ahead with the placement task we have taken up for Rahul Gandhi. I wonder if it was by default he happened to choose being a politician, as the recent incidents quite state the opposite.

5. Personal Interview Trainer

He can be a good trainer of how not to give an interview. No wonder the training sessions would focus on talking direct to the point and not repeating only those things you are confident of.


how not to give an interview

4. Model

You have to admit that Rahul Gandhi is a smart dude and could have done exceptionally well as a Model. I don’t doubt that a massive lot of people would end up buying the product he endorses. A good way to invest in a quality that comes natural to him – Good Looks!

smart dude

3. Therapist

His recent stint with interviews can give him the job of a Therapist, a stress reliever. He can easily crack you up and you will be compelled to forget your stress and bring back the long lost smile. Wow! Now that’s what he meant by serve the nationals of our country (wink)

 job of a Therapist

2. Writer

Rahul Gandhi can become quite a good writer and pen down the quotes he has become famous for lately. His words have already gone down the history lane as funny and unimaginative. Some of his quotes are “Poverty is just a state of mind” and “It is very difficult to stop a single terrorist attack”. I can already sense a book like this selling millions of copies.

 job of a Therapist

1. Woman Rights Leader

He has been quite actively talking about women empowerment in his interviews and rally speeches. I wonder if this alternate career option can finally make him work towards empowering women and not just talk about it.




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