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These Tall Trees That Are Changing City’s Skyline Are Actually 4G Mobile Towers

Updated on 11 May, 2016 at 3:24 pm By

They look like tall date trees, but they won’t help make your environment cleaner. Instead the tall ‘trees’ will be serving an altogether materialistic purpose – provide better 4G connectivity.

Since May 2015, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has been installing these towers as part of its massive telecom drive across the country starting with Jamshedpur.




The trunk serves as a pole. It is made of pure steel. Bhaskar

Now the trees have reached Jaipur and will very soon reach other cities of the country.

The 35 meter tall towers are strategically placed between other trees. The pole looks like a tree trunk and the leaves serve as the antennae.



The ‘leaves’ serve as antennae. Bhaskar

Since they are being erected in greener areas, the tree-like towers merge with the surroundings. They are much better than the corrugated metal towers that pose a threat to the buildings upon which they stand besides blemishing a city’s skyline.

‘Tree’ towers run on 600-700 watt power from lithium batteries, which make them pollution free. This helps serve the greater goal of green cities.



Each ‘tree’ is around 35 meters tall. Bhaskar

And it is not just date trees that the towers can mimic the look of; the trees can look like a palm or mango or pine or any other tree depending on where they are being erected.


Though the cost of these towers is more than the older ones (which cost around Rs.35 lakh per tower), the operational cost of tree-like towers is lower than that of the traditional ones.

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