14 Ways Your Life Became Better In The 49 Days Of Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP Government

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 3:57 pm


It is true that the Aam Aadmi Party government led by Arvind Kejriwal was in power for just 49 days. But even in this very short time frame, the AAP tried to make the lives of the common people much easier and safer.

1. More police protection to citizens

There are three cops protecting one VIP. You are one of the 700 protected by one cop. AAP ended the VIP culture under its reign, which means you got at least one more cop for your security – double your protection.


2. Started Corruption Helpline No. 1031


Delhi is the only city in the world with an anti-corruption helpline number. The ONLY CITY, and corruption is prevalent in major US cities, too.


3. Half electricity bills for those consuming up to 400 units

Around 350 units are consumed on an average each month in a 3BHK house without AC. Would you shell out around Rs.2,100 or would you pay just Rs.1,050?


4. Free Water for those consuming up to 20 KL per month

New Delhi alone loses 40% of its total water supply each day to uneven distribution. Illegal withdrawal of water from the mains by tens of thousands of Delhiites adds to the problem. The promised free water is, therefore, a possibility.

Water flows

5. Checked Water Tanker Mafia

The water shortage gave birth to the tanker mafia. Something as basic as water was being sold around at the price of nectar. And you don’t even get clean water; Matt Damon tells you:

Just in case you need further explanation, here is an intimidating one for the mafia from The Master himself:

Bruce Lee

6. Stopped donation for admission to schools

Donation in the education sector simply doesn’t make sense. Many European countries, and even Brazil, offer education for free.


7. Checked Ration Mafia

We have the National Food Security Act, but what if the food meant for you is siphoned off by scrupulous mafia? What will you do with the Act then? Eat its pages?


8. Retail FDI stopped

Over 40 million people will lose their livelihood in India once the likes of Walmart start operating with full force in India. Add to it the threat of inflation in the long run and you have a doomsday situation, as explained here.

Walmart graph

9. Rs.1 lakh to each Government School for improving infrastructure

Around 40% of schools in India lack toilet; 60% have no electricity. Is this the 21st century?


10. Issued Permits to 5500 auto-rickshaws for plying in NCR

No, auto-rickshaws don’t cause choked roads. Answer this: Who’ll occupy more space – an auto with three passengers or three cars with one occupant each?


11. Formed Committee to devise Women Security Force

Again, Delhi was to be the only national capital in the world to have a security force dedicated to the protection of women alone. Not even the US has such a system, and crimes against women are common there too.

Women Secure


12. Ordered checking of faulty/fast electricity meters

Your meter should tell you the units consumed by you, not your entire neighbourhood.


13. Registered FIR in Reliance Gas Price Scam

RIL incurs a cost of $1.43 per MMBtu (One Million British Thermal Units, but concentrate on the figure), or Rs.90.69 at current exchange rates, for extracting gas in the KG Gas Basin, but due to the UPA government’s policy favouring it, prices the gas at $4.2 per MMBtu (Rs.266.37). The contract agreed upon initially was $2.34 per MMBtu (Rs.148.40).


14. Surprise Checks of government hospitals, schools and transport buses

Everyone knows the callousness shown towards patients in some government hospitals. You have no power to know if your child is actually being taught by a teacher in the school. And, we hope you have not forgotten Nirbhaya.



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