41 Security Personnel Killed In Jammu And Kashmir In 2015 ; Casualties Of Forces On Decline

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7:24 pm 18 Jan, 2016

Casualties suffered by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have been on the decline in the past three years with 41 personnel killed during counter-insurgency operations in 2015.

Though the state witnessed growing radicalisation with youth displaying ISIS flags in Srinagar during the protests, the security forces were effective in countering militancy related incidents.



Police officers comfort each other during the wreath laying ceremony of their colleague. dailymail

The official data reveals that in 2014, 51 security personnel were killed which dropped to 41 in 2015.

At the same time, there has been a steady rise in security forces eliminating the militants. The data further reveals that the number of militants killed in counter-insurgency operations rose to 113 from 110 in 2014. In 2012, 84 militants were killed by the forces and in 2013, 100 militants were killed.

But the year 2015 was challenging for the security agencies in the state as they faced a new challenge with militants taking the help of social networking sites to reach out to the youth.


Relatives of the slain police officer Altaf Ahmed, who was known as Altaf Laptop. dailymail

Burhan Wani, who emerged as the young face of Hizbul Mujahideen in Kashmir, often posted pictures with his militants on social networking sites.

Brandishing guns, and uploading videos of training with assault rifles and cracking jokes, was a new strategy used by militants to motivate the youth to join militant outfits.

Burhan also released a short video message in which he talked about Jihad and asked the youth of Kashmir to join militancy.



Burhan Wani along with his other associates. scroll

A defence spokesperson said terror incidents have showed a declining trend in 2015 while development activities have picked up momentum. He said that though terrorists and separatists made desperate attempts to reassert themselves, the security forces were successful in restricting such incidents.


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