Declaring 39 Indians Missing In Iraq As Dead Is A Sin, Says Sushma Swaraj In Lok Sabha

9:16 pm 26 Jul, 2017


In a recent statement, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has contended that declaring the 39 missing Indians in Iraq as dead is a sin.

As per the report the Indians have been missing since 2014, till now there has been no clue of their whereabouts. “This government won’t end the search for our missing citizens until we have proof they are not alive,” the Union minister mentioned in the Lok Sabha today.

People protesting to bring the missing Indians back


We had six sources claiming that the missing Indians were alive… I have no proof that Indians are dead…I will not say that, what if I say they are dead and one of them is found alive.

Earlier, Swaraj was accused of lying and hiding the truth, her statement came after people asked for clarifications about the missing Indians. She also mentioned the fact that the government will keep their search operations on till the day any confirmations are received. Almost 39 people have been missing from India. It is believed that the missing ones are from Punjab and worked with an oil firm in Mosul. They have been missing since the time the city was overrun by the Islamic State.

People demanding justice


As per the report, the Indians were said to be captives by ISIS militants. One of the captives, Harjit Masih from Gurdaspur, somehow made his way back to India. While, Harjit claimed to have seen others getting massacred, the government has denied his claims.



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