Karan Johar Gets Brutally Trolled By The Netizens For Celebrating Section 377 Verdict!

7:18 pm 6 Sep, 2018


Today is a historic day. The Supreme court of India has finally given its verdict. It clearly states that “Consensual gay sex is not illegal”. Can you believe it, the decade-long battle has finally ended and that too in the favour of the LGBTQ+ community. From Twitter to Facebook, the impact of this monumental verdict is clearly visible, including Bollywood. Speaking of Bollywood, it seems that this tweet by Karan Johar in favour of the verdict has been doing its rounds on the digital space. It’s important to note that while reading the historic judgement, the CJI of India Dipak Mishra clearly said,

“Section 377 is irrational and arbitrary. Sexual orientation of an individual is natural and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a violation of freedom of expression.”

While there are people who are totally batting for the LGBTQ+ community, there are others who just can’t stomach the fact that “love is love”.




Karan Johar is a man who has never been afraid of speaking his mind. So, how can he remain “hush-hush” about such a big judgement? Yes sir, Karan recently tweeted in favour of the verdict. But turns out that he was brutally trolled by the netizens!



Check out his Tweet here:



Predictably, this tweet by Karan Johar didn’t set well with netizens. From making fun of the director to using crass words, they did it all!












Well, we think that who are we to justify anybody’s love. Sexual orientation is indeed a matter of sheer privacy. People must get their act together before saying or writing anything. Netizens went way overboard this time, Karan didn’t deserve such mean words. What do you think?