30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

4:00 pm 10 Feb, 2014


You can call Shimla a small hill town still in the nascent stages of materialization, but young minds here are already touching the zenith of stylish dressing and hair dos. Geared up with latest Smartphone and attention-grabbing dressing styles, there is certain mode that classify Shimlaties on the trend graph.

Unlike the Mumbaiya tapori language, Shimlaties (primarily youth) use soft melodious and respectful words that perfectly complement their flattering fashion lives. Far beyond the trailing fashion cultures of India, the trending town faces competition within and everyone seeks new ways to emerge as a style icon. So let’s check out the thirty basic insane ways to become a Shimla head.

1. Roaming

With no qualms, roaming or traveling is what the Shimlaties do best, whether it is Saturday Malling or a night trip of Sector 15 in Chandigarh.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

2. Style Statement

Shimlaties don’t always follow trending styles, their looks are quiet self made, although one find reflection of several influences therein. From emo hairdos and the gothic t-shirts to the narrow bottom jeans and colorful sneakers.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

3. Wacky hobbies

Play snooker, play cards, off-roading on bikes and total metal heads, these are some crazy hobbies you will commonly find among teenagers in Shimla.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

4. Meet the friends

Listen the guy friend is much more important than the girlfriend and she can be fooled anytime.

5. Gadget convention

Smartphone with all updated apps and iPods filled with trance, metal and pahari natties is our favorite.

6. Twisted Glossary

That typical pahari slang and words like harkuch, kandi, Ma kasam, coma, Shankar, jayeka, kashkaa and that famous “be ki bhasha”.

7. Dope heads

“Bawa joint hai kya” (got stuff man?). A common question which sets a foundation for rest of the day.

8. Smoker’s Junction

Hard to believe but youngsters smoke king size cigarettes, papers and the biddi (Indian cigar) as style statement.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

9. Bindass Attitude

Followers of Rastman culture, Shimlaties don’t give a crap about what people think about them and admire the statements like no women no cry.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

10. Magic pockets

Filled with all the essential requirements for the day, the cargos look packed but the wallet remains clear.

11. Dressing style

Worn out jeans with shady batch on the top, Shimlaties can easily be noticed with their black Nirvana, Floyd, AC/DC, Pantera or Metallica t-shirts.

12.Mobile usage

Hundreds of artists and songs but no balance or talk time. Need help give your friend a missed call or a “call kar” text.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

13. Gaddie Route

Packed in a car and walk the beat around St. Bedes on weekdays and a march on the mall of Saturday.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

14. Night outs

Mummy, I am going to Rohit’s place tonight. Bye.

15. Herbal medicines

No matter what the problem is, smoke a joint and all worries will be gone.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

16. Contact numbers


Forgetting your girlfriend’s mobile number is not an issue until unless you have father’s mobile number with you for urgent cash.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

17. Art galleries

Shimlaties beautify their room walls with black art posters featuring artists and celebs but the centre piece always remains Lord Shiva.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

18. Daily consumption

Chai (tea) + paranatha + cigarette = Breakfast, Chai + paranatha + cigarette = Lunch, Daru (Booze) + paranatha + cigarette = Dinner.

19. Respect and attitude

Give Respect and take respect, the ones with attitude under their shoe.

20. Nick names

Call their loved with wired nick names – Dope, Israeli, Budha, bawa, lola, tunda, psycho, terri, bhangi, chetu and kantar.

21. Brand freaks

Shoes from woodland or converse, t-shirts from Nike or puma and jeans from Lewis or Wrangler.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

22. Learning terms

Roam around with your seniors and strictly avoid bookworms (they will ruin your career).

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

23. Date spots

Take your partner on a date to Kali-Badi Mandir, Advance Studies, Jahku hills, Mashobra or Tallai.

24. Cutback the Expenses

Minimum recharge of 10 and maximum of 50. Minimum patrol of 100 and maximum of 500. If no king size cigarettes, get me biddi bro.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

25. Friends with benefits

Make friends from Manali and Kinnuar for better quality stuff and traditional Angoori.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

26. Blending customs

Style up the looks with traditional pahari dresses with low waist jeans and perform natti on the dance floor.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

27. Shiva followers

Regard stuff as Parsad from lord Shiva and while smoking follow the right hand rule.

28. Strict rules

No flip-flops, no combs, no ironing, no treachery, stay with love and always share.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

29. Stay high

Smoke two joints in the morning, smoke two joints in the afternoon, smoke two joints at night and it makes feel alright.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!

30. What’s up

One-liners that Shimlaties commonly use “Phir kya scam hai” “Koi sceen ni bawa”, “yehi toh tashan hai bawa” and “Chalte hai araa kahin thulne”.

30 Insane Ways To Be A Shimla Head!