Karan Singh Grover’s 3 Dev Poster Creates Controversy With Allegations Of Hurting Religious Sentiments

9:18 pm 29 Mar, 2018


Just a few months back, controversy sparked over the film “Padmaavat,” that lead to protests and burning of public property. The protests were led by extremist Hindu group, Karni Sena. Though it is an incident of past, it shows that we Indians are way too sensitive and stay ready to burst out at the slightest. A similar outburst may be brewing with the release of a new movie poster.


Recently, “3 Dev” movie poster was released that already landed in a controversy. In the poster, Karan Singh Grover, Ravi Dubey, and Kunaal Roy Kapoor are seen standing in front of the picture of Trinity of gods. According to Hinduism, trinity consists of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The actors are seen covering the faces of the gods. The picture is also accompanied by a quirky tagline “Undercover Bhagwan.”



This witty poster created quite a buzz among the fans but landed on the wrong side of the line with Dharam Rakshak Mahamanch president, Ramesh Joshi. He filed a complaint with the Censor Board, the Home Minister, the director of the film, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.




He claimed that the way the faces of the gods are covered by the three actors hurts religious sentiment. According to a media report, he said:

“This kind of behaviour where filmmakers just to earn money hurt the sentiments of the people will not be tolerated. It is an insult to the Hindu Trideva. This is hurtful to the people who practice Hindu religion and pray to the god. In our complaint, we have asked the makers to withdraw the poster and remove any similar controversial content from the film which can hurt the feelings of the community. However, if they do not comply with our demands, we shall appeal in court.”

In hurting of “sentiments,” he is not the only one. Censor Board member Arjun Gupta also felt “shocked” with the release of this poster. He further added that the Board should never have allowed such a “controversial poster” to release.


Director Ankoosh Bhatt along with distributer Ayub Khan has claimed that there is no controversial element in the movie and it has nothing to do with mythology. Ayub Khan said:

“’3 Dev’ is not a mythological film and is rather a contemporary one. It has a unique concept which shows in 2018 what is the need for the lord to actually come down on earth. It’s a clean comedy venture. It does not intend to hurt anyone.”

Will the Dharam Rakshak Mahamanch be happy with this explanation or this controversy is on its way to blow out of proportion? Only time will tell!

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